I can't believe I missed E2's birthday.
How was the party? Any cake left? Or did EDB eat it all?

It is so annoying to have a million things to node with all the enthusiasm required for the job but no time. The deadline is closing in fast, work is piling up on me like a massive avalanche and the boss makes sure I am never left for 5 minutes without some good old ball-busting. I hope I can manage to submit at least some of the stuff I've been wanting to do when I get home. But sitting here for 8 hours with no lunch and 5 hours of sleep, I'll most likely just crash to my bed immediately.

You know you should quit your job when it starts taking away time from your noding.
But unfortunately I can't.

Time to get back to PHP before I get more complaints from the man.


Been relaxing with the help of a warm shower, white wine from Chile,some salmon and Sushi 3003. And I can still drift off into the dream world for a while before an another crappy workday.
The weekend should be longer.

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