00:06 GMT

Today, I woke up early and went to see Kawana before going to work. I wanted to make sure she would be there Friday, since I may have mistakenly said last Friday. I think that's when I'll ask her to come with me to the christmas party. My friends will be there with me then, so I think it'll be a lot easier to ask.

She had her hair down, but part of it tied up in small white bows. She looked so beautiful. We talked for a while and I took the opportunity to ask her some personal questions. I found out that we both grew up when our parents didn't have much money. We both don't like milk, except for cereal or other foods that require it (whole milk is gross). She was born in Florida and is going to college nearby. She told me her full name; her friends usually call her by her middle name. She likes jazz music to help her go to sleep, and enjoys dance/techno music at other times.

I only stayed for about two hours, and then I had to get to work. I love how I can still smell her perfume throughout the day (even now)...

Nothing too interesting happening at work. We had our monthly birthday party, there were nine people this month (which is higher than usual). Guess this month is nine months from Valentine's day, eh? Some racoons were out back getting into the dumpster, and later on the fire alarm started beeping, but other than that it was a fairly mediocre workday.

I have to go to the grocery store soon. I don't really want to go tonight since my Gym orientation is tomorrow and they may suggest something that I will need to pick up anyway. Maybe I should just pick up some food on the way home tonight and go to the store tomorrow.

I really hate going to the grocery store. Someone explained somewhere why it is annoying to go to the grocery store: You go in, and grab the food off of the shelf, put it into your cart. Then you take the food out of your cart and put it onto the checkout conveyor belt. Then the food gets put into bags, which get put back into the cart. Then you go out to your car, take the bags out of the cart and put them into your car. Drive home. Next you drag the bags into your house, then finally you take the food items out of the bags and put them away. That's like 6 steps! There's got to be a better way. I'm so tired of having to take care of food procurement.

Why can't we all just get food through the plumbing like we get water? I know. Don't answer. It's a stupid question.

I'll wait until tomorrow to get groceries.