A shop with branches in London's Camden Town and Covent Garden, Manchester, Ibiza and Amsterdam.

Sells trendy clubwear. It's quite expensive, some of the trousers cost between £100-£180. A lot of the stuff they do is responsive to ultra-violet light, and an equally large amount of it has lights on it; usually in the form of a light up panel on the front of the t-shirt with some design on, and a battery pack and wires sewn in. The trousers often have light up catches on the side pockets that flash.

They sell things like combats, t-shirts, spiky UV dog collars and so on. Most people who wear stuff from there, wear entire outfits from there as it is hard to find stuff from other shops that matches.

Cyberdog owns 5 shops at present, situated in Camden Town, Covent Garden, Manchester, Ibiza and now Amsterdam too.

All the clothes are aimed at clubbers, which explains why most of their gear glows under UV light. Prices range from about £20 for a t-shirt to around £150 for glow-in-the-dark body armour.

The shops look like something out of Blake 7 and the changing rooms are especially cool. Whilst trying on their unique brand of clothes you can choose between regular light, UV light or complete darkness.

Cyberdog have a website at http://www.cyberdog.co.uk and is available in English and Japanese.

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