A large mainly indoor marketplace situated between Camden Town and Chalk Farm in North London, UK.

Stables Market is one of London’s most bizarre bazaars – mainly selling off-beat designer fashion, and an assortment of antique furniture. It’s not a place to find a bargain, but definitely worth a visit if you are a tourist. If you find yourself in Camden around lunchtime, it’s also a great place to grab a bite. There are a number of food-stalls offering flavours of the world. Thai, Indian, Lebanese, English and Jamaican food can be found within the marketplace.

The biggest store in Stables Market is Cyberdog, a supplier of accessories to the rave generation. In there you can find an overpriced selection of clubbing trinkets and clothing. With the expanding market for clubbers, Stables has become a more psychedelic place. However it still caters well for it’s Gothic and Rock roots.

When I first went there, I found the place intimidating. Used to shopping in Gap, where everything is neatly folded and clearly labelled, I found the haphazard arrangement of stalls quite confusing at first. I wasn’t sure where to start!

Unlike conventional malls, you really do need to spend time browsing before you find something you like. There is usually something to suit any taste. Clothes on sale range from the quite conventional e.g. Smart shirts and trousers to the wildly original e.g. Clingy Latex skin-suits.

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