Woke up from a crazy dream and decided to skip work in the morning without calling. I had a bad throat ache from the previous night of screaming while playing basketball. I logged onto e2 and noded about my dream. I registered for class on the internet and decided to go to school because a) I had a test and b) an essay was due.

Running a little later than usual, I sped to school. Almost got stopped by a cop but luckily dashed into different streets. I get to class and realize that I had not read an essay for the test so I cursed and read as fast as possible. I have not had supplies for over 3 weeks so I borrow paper and a pencil from my friend Roach. We take the test which was pretty simple and split into groups to talk about the 3 essays that we had to read for the test. My friend Roach and I mess around the entire time laughing about the dumbest things and get in trouble with the teacher. Class ends and Roach and I walk around and I tell her about my dream. She says, "Sucks that it didn't end huh?"

Went home with a friend and ate while watching Toy Story. While driving my friend to his house we had to stop for a train. I looked at the taggings on the different cargos and laughed. Took my friend to his house and went to an old school that was the rival of mine in Middle School. I talked to the principal about getting a job and she said she'd call me.

Came home and wrote one of the best nodes I have written so far. Then I chatted on iRC and stabbed people to death. And now I am writing this node of my day as of now.