The Election: you know, I tried not to say anything to anyone about the election, but I'm so sick and tired of people saying something along the lines of the situation in Florida proves that every vote counts. That's a bullshit statement. First and foremost, if Bush wins Florida, Gore still have more of the popular vote. But Bush wins. YOUR VOTE ONLY COUNTS, IN THE BIG SCHEME OF THINGS, IF YOU VOTE THE SAME WAY AS THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE IN YOUR STATE. OTHERWISE, YOU MAY AS WELL HAVE NOT VOTED.

Let me start with this: By policy, I do NOT vote for the president.
  1. I feel that I have more input with my local officials. I write probably 5 - 10 letters in an average month to my local officials explaining how I feel about certain issues and how I feel they should vote on certain issues. I am carefully selective of my votes for local officials. This country being a representative democracy, the local officials are the next step up in the hierarchy. The congressman from my district is the person elected to represent me and those who live in my area. That is, essentially, our voice.
  2. I do not feel obligated to choose between the lesser of several evils -- and this has been my take on the past elections in which I have had the option to vote. I am NOT unAmerican because I won't chose one. It's like lining up Spam and some generic Spam-like products and asking someone to pick which one should get a 4-star rating. Although one brand might be better than all the others, that doesn't make it good or worthy. (Yes, I am using Spam as a metaphor for the presidency)
  3. And then, of course, there's the good old electoral college. It's an idea which made sense in the days before big-money and big-media campaigning. The modern electoral college has wound up defining the campaigning 'weight' of each state. Living in Maryland, no presidential candidate ever came to my neighbourhood to ask for my vote.
I've had to jusitfy my beliefs to far too many people (and I shouldn't -- I am comfortable with them... unfortunately my hackles are raised at being called a bad American) and so I keep them in a holster ready to be aimed and fired if need be. BOOM! BOOM! And I'm not asking anyone to do-what-I-do. I'm just asking that I be allowed to vote my concience (even if that means abstaining). Because when I do that, it doesn't match your vote mean I'm stupid or un-American. That's just your piss-poor way of explaining why I don't agree with you. And of course, you are the smartest person anywhere ever, right? So I must be wrong.

So, back to the election -- I'm glad to see it is waking people up to how the electoral college works. 4 years ago, few people really had any idea what it was and how it works, and now it's a poll question on "should the electoral college be eliminated?" I am absolutely, 100%, all for (and gung-ho enthusiastic) about the American population being more educated (even if they're only finding education because they're whiney bitches whose candidate may, or may not, win. they are disgruntled with it when it doesn't work for them despite the fact that it has worked the same way for the past 200 years).

What really bugs me about the situation is that the people who are running for high office are filing law suits about the election results and how they're being handled in Florida. Even without knowing who won or lost, they BOTH seem like sore losers.
Now. In all honesty I have republican leanings. I am registered republican. I feel that my money is my money to do with as I wish. I do not want to support the social programs which are multiplying like maggots in an open wound (1. In many cases I am not eligible to participate in said programs, 2. In most cases, I feel that the social programs are run inefficiently and, for the most part, do not work, and 3. I wholeheartedly believe in personal responsibility, and when that doesn't work out it's time to eat some humble pie and accept charity -- which shouldn't be provided by the government). If I had an option on my tax forms as to which programs I wanted to support, I'd be fine -- I just want a choice. I don't want to support welfare. I don't feel I should be forced to contribute to the support of a young mother who decides she should have 14 children on a minimum wage salary.

Call it lack of compassion. I don't mind. I think of it as making people take responsibility. I don't think the government of this country owes anyone anything except the promise of a protected national border (Two exceptions: The government and Americans owe those who have fought for them in yhe course of military service. The government and Americans owe the dependents of those who have fought and died for them in the course of military service). And I bet a LOT of you agree with how I feel, but just don't quite know it. Here's an example:
A woman on the street holds up a sign that says "I decided to have 8 children while earning $5.15/hour, please give me money" would you actually give her money?
I wouldn't. I know more people who wouldn't that who would. But the government does.

But even that aside, I have a pretty firm belief in "If someone wants to do something and it isn't hurting you...DON'T BE A FUCKING DICK". Go smoke crack. Go have 14 babies. But don't cry about it when it doesn't work out for you. I won't bother you, you don't bother me. Simple.

These are my primary disagreements with this election. With politics and the government as they function today. Thank you for the blessed daylog, which (in my opinion) is really the best place for discussion on personal feelings about elections and other newsworthy events (hint, hint).