I don't say this very often, but holy shit!

I don't know what came over me.

It was an epiphany of biblical proportions.

I was sitting at home watching Seinfeld, and it socked me in the puss like a custard pie. I must have seen the episode about 500 times, but it's never triggered a brainstorm like it did today. It was the episode where George and Jerry are writing a plot for a pilot for NBC.

It got me to thinking, "I wonder if I could write a script". Probably not one for television like in the Seinfeld episode, because if it was successful, then I'd have to come up with plots, and ideas week after week and I only get ideas like this once in a while. But it's a doozy. No, I'm talking major motion picture.

It's an idea that is absolutely shocking in its originality and humor.

It is, plain and simple, a flat out winner. I already have my millions spent.

Picture this:

There's a lacrosse team. Part of the beauty of this is that any sport could work, but there has never been a good movie about lacrosse, so I picked lacrosse.

Anyway, the team who will be the focal point of the movie is the worst team in the league. You could say that they suck - and in fact, their rival team, the best team in the league (who, surprisingly enough, will be the bad-guy/antagonist types) say several times that they suck. But our team is a determined albeit motley crew.

It starts off showing how disorganized our protagonist team is, and they wind up suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of the rival team knocking them out of championship contention. The coach is of course, fired, and is replaced by an aging ex-lacrosse player who loves the game more than anyone, but is a recovering alcoholic who isn't awarded much respect when he joins the team.

Yeah, I know. Isn't it great?

On top of that the team will be owned by an evil sadistic owner who is threatening to sell the team unless they bring home a championship the following year. So he makes a deal with the rival team to make sure that our team loses at all costs.

This will not sit well with the coach, since this is his last chance at glory.

The player captain of the team will be kind of arrogant (hey, he's the captain of a lacrosse team - you don't get to that point without a good dose of confidence, and that sometimes translates to arrogance), but a totally lovable guy. He's kind of a prankster and will spearhead several pranks and tricks against the rival team, particularly against the team's head coach who will be a total asshole, who keeps leaving himself open for the captain's gags. The rival team's coach and captain (who will be a total suck-up to the coach) deserve everything they get including when our captain switches the coach's shampoo with Nair cream and ends up bald as a cueball.

And there's plenty more where that came from.

Like during a road trip about halfway through the movie, and our team puts ex-lax in a bunch of cookies and offers them to the rival team as a sort of "peace offering". Of course the rival team takes the cookies and gives the messenger (who is the weakest member of our team - but possesses incredible speed when he's not distracted by girls in the crowd. Unfortunately that happens all the time, so his speed and coordination isn't revealed until much later in the film) a terrible wedgie sending him back to his own team who watches the frantic crowd at the bathroom, all the while hooting and howling in derisive laughter.

I know it's wild, but I think it will be refreshingly original. I am tempted to use the word hijinx, but I think that's an overused cliche, and I'm reluctant to use it here.

Some of the other characters will be "the big guy" who appears stupid, but is surprisingly smart and sensitive which he will discover and become comfortable with by the end of the film. Also the only girl in the league will be on our team playing the goalie - and she'll be a knock-out! The surprise will come when she makes several incredible saves in one of the opening games, and the whole audience will assume its a guy until she whips her goalie mask off and WOW! It's this bodacious shapely woman.

N0b0dy will see that coming]!

I don't want to reveal too much, because I don't want to ruin it for those of you who will see it when it comes out on the silver screen, but I have to fill you in on some of the more inspiring points of the film. Like when the coach gets fed up with his team's insubordination and walks off. The team rallies behind the captain and to talk to the coach promising victory if he comes back to the team. He does indeed come back and the team performs better than ever.

How inspiring is that?

What I'm picturing right after the coach comes back is a musical interlude. There'll be an upbeat contemporary song playing in the background like "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves, or "Holding out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler. During the song, we'll show hints of our team winning game after game after game against teams who were previously superior, but now are no match for our rejuvenated team. I want to have a few shots of some of our team members scoring incredible goals, and doing a brief celebratory dance on the field. Maybe even get the coach shaking his shoulders and butt on the sidelines. A little clapping and a little manly hugging like sports teams are wont to do when one of their own makes a great play.

I won't give the ending away, but I will say that the evil team owner will not be happy! And neither will the rival team. Heh, heh, heh.

Now it may seem a little wild, but I think with a little flash and tweaking, this could be a great movie! I'll just have to make sure that hot fresh and popular actors play the parts. Maybe get Keanu Reeves or Ethan Hawke to play the team captain, and get that guy from Poltergeist to play the Coach.

I wouldn't presume so far as to say it's Oscar caliber, but I think it's a million-dollar idea, and if I see a movie like this before I can submit it to a big Hollywood producer, I'm suing!

Damn right.

Okay, day two. Yesterday the scaffolding. Today, well...

A 6am start, followed by an hour and a half waking up time. Then, at 7.30am, a man with a skip arrives.

"Can you move your car?" he asks, as there's no space directly outside.

"Uh, our car's over there. No idea whose that one is, sorry!" we reply.

We'd been told, yesterday, that the someone would be around between 8am and 9am for deliveries. We'd also been told not to worry about reserving parking spaces, as they'd take care of that. We didn't feel we had to be particularly helpful...

After about ten minutes sitting in his cab, the skip man decides to drop the skip off anyway. After dumping it in the road, on a length of pole, he - and then my wife and I - start pushing towards the kerb. sigh! He used his lorry to push it in a bit further.

About 8.15am, another lorry meanders past without calling in. Not ours, then.

About 8.30am more people turn up, including the scaffolders. "We're putting up some extra boards," their lead man explains. They disappeared off about 9.10am.

It's 9.15am and that lorry (carrying building materials) is back. Hmmm, suspicious... The doorbell rings. "Uh, can you move your car..?"

At 9.25am the foreman, Martin, arrived. "Sorry I'm a bit late - got caught up with a previous job." Isn't that just always the way..? "Can you move your car..?"

My wife explained things to him. He said he'd sort it. After trying to bounce it down the road a little, he gave up and started helping the man with the lorry (who was still there, drinking a cup of tea) to unload.

Apparently his colleague has been unavoidably delayed in Nottingham, so he'll be on his own today. By 11.45am, he'd made a hole in our roof (a nice "Velux"-shaped one). And was off for lunch.

He came back around 12.45pm and started clearing all the rubbish out. This was one of the "bonuses" of having a loft conversion - all the previous occupiers' rubbish gets removed! It's a filthy job. Martin seems quite affable about it - I suppose most lofts are the same. Very little was dropped into the street...

Having cleared both our main and extension loft spaces by about 2pm, Martin's been banging away non-stop all day. We're not entirely sure what he's been doing but we expect it's related to the fact the crane to lift the RSJs is booked for tomorrow. He's just knocked off at 6.40pm. He reckons he'll be here between 7am and 7.30am from now on. It's a good thing we've been getting up early! But the idea of 7am to 7pm for the next nine days isn't a nice one...

I wonder if there is any way to get rid of sensory adaptation. I'm finding it that I'm starting to not notice my music anymore, whatever language it may be, whether it may be Filipino, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese or English. I listen to music all the time to make my mind less weary from boredom but now, I don't even notice it anymore. Boredom is hitting me in higher proportions than it would normally would. Now, the incentive to find new music is growing by the day. Maybe its a good thing. Maybe I'll stop singing in a language that I don't understand, though it does give me a weird feeling of accomplishment being able to automatically regurgitate sounds that may mean something to someone else but not to me.

I see the world in a new light! Of course! Who wouldn't with new glasses? Finally received them today, after waiting like two weeks. I've been excited about them until this morning, when I saw my co-worker who recently underwent laser eye surgery. Other than the whole "It smelled like they were burning hair" part, I am starting to get excited. The prospect of a non-blurry world without lenses of any form intrigues me, and pondering whether the tradeoff between the operational pain and cost will offset the emotional and physical change. Until the answer is found, I'll stick to my glasses and contacts. Infernal envy! Will you not torture me even for one day (which means taking a break from being human)?

Madhouse would have a been an operative word for IKEA on the long weekends. Herds (and I use the word liberally) of people stuff themselves into a building filled with recycled air and crying kids, trying to improve their home, as if it was the only day of the year they were to be there. It would have been fine, as the more people the more time passes by. I wouldn't say that time flies when you're having fun applies to work, but sometimes it does (especially when its full of attractive single women). But today was just horrendous, as people were so crowded that you could smell the next person's halitosis. Jeez. I would have gladly donated my wages for today if only some of the guilty ones would eat some gum. Mind you, I didn't have the best breath in the world either (drinking Diet Pepsi does that for you) but I wasn't that bad. Stepping back became a routine for until about 6, when people thought we were closing due to the holiday. It was dead from then on until 9. At least we had some nice personal space.

Came home and ate some dinner. Missed watching Shallow Hal with MrFurious and Mike. At least I got some decent food. Recent economic problems within the company has forced them to cut down on my hours, which in turn has directly affected my social freedom. My income has cut down to almost half what it was a month ago, and since my fixed costs have not declined, I have no choice but to give up my social freedom, even part of it. I can afford to eat out 3 times less a week to pay for my nokia. Hopefully, I'll find a way out of this rut known as my declining work hours.

On the love life front, I'm under more pressure today to get that significant other. I'm surprised at the amount of attention that this issue is getting, and honestly, its flattering that people are being nice enough to care. But on the other hand, its disturbing as I'm wondering whether there is a reason why I'm getting the attention in the first place. But for now, the search continues, just like my battle with the Battle of the Bulge. Since work is about to happen in about 8 hours, I think its a good idea to sleep. Besides, its hard to type and talk at the same time.

Peace to my fellow noders. I love you all. Thank you dem bones for all the poetry and this beautiful code, to Jay Bonci and Nate and N-wing and everyone else who keeps this machine well-oiled and constantly upgraded. Thank you to wharfinger and Gritchka and everyone else who helped me out when I had first started and was running around crazed and and high on the drug that is Everything. Thanks to everyone I'm not remembering right now (it's not for lack of caring).

Happy Birthday Everything2!

Addendum to be worked on throughout the day:
I don't think the historical value is quite so questionable anymore, at least not in my mind. But then again, I'm weird.

first time disoriented
self-referential nostalgia of questionable historical value
/me pops in, smashes bottle against barge
nate says "ready?"
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November 13, 2000 What have we lost since then?
"I heard of a man, who speaks words so beautifully.." Leonard Cohen

"silent all these years.."

Woke early. 6:38 am.

Went to bed at 2:30

Tossed and turn dreaming of desert dwellings

Made some doughy pancakes and crack-strength coffee..

Think of the sun

hurting my eyes

bleaching my hair

my soul is lighter

"well I'm standing by a river, but the water doesn't flow..it boils with every poison-you can think of." Leonard Cohen

Ok, today is my birthday. I used to look forward to this as a kid and I'm supposed to dread this as an older adult. But, I'm 28 (today) and so I really am ambivalent. I know that it's a day where I'll have to thank people for remembering my birthday, most of them manage to tell SOMEONE Happy Birthday every day, but probably know less about me than anyone else. I'm not ungrateful for the attention, but I don't really know how to react. So, it's moderately painful. It's ok online because I can reply "Thanks" and mean it, because I don't feel pressure or anything. But, if you were to walk up to me in person and say Happy birthday, you would notice me becoming uncomfortable. What's odd is that I think I brought some of the attention on myself because I've been telling acquaintenances (people who don't entirely make me uncomfortable if they said Happy Birthday) what today was... Trying to see if I enjoyed having the day noticed as opposed to last year where I hid, and it was no different than any other day. (Including my own family, as we were too broke to do the gift and then dinner thing.)

I realized yesterday, yet again, how much "normal humans" make me anxious. I have a problem of noticing people walking around corners at the same time as me: I am either clumsy, unperceptive, or perhaps a combination of the two, or something else. It happens a lot. Anyhow, I've learned to dodge people as a result. I dodge a pretty lady carrying her dinner around the corner, as I am on my way out of work. I startled her slightly, but I kept walking with a muttered apology. (Sincere, not faked, but trying my best to be forgotten past that incident.) As I walk out, the guy who rode the elevator said, "Almost a head on collision there." Nervous, I look at his face, to see if it is some sort of insult, or something... I don't really know how to react. I reply, "Yes, I have to watch where I'm going better." He replies, "No, I think you would have won that one... She was kind of small." (I'm 6'4, 225 lbs) And then he smiles, honest and sincere. I walk the whole ways to my car trying to figure out, "Why was that so weird? Why am I going to remember for days that a stranger talked to me without any sort of insult to his tone."

So, birthdays are tremendous fun for me. Strangers will walk up to me at work and tell me "Happy Birthday," and I'll have to smile back. Then I get to go back home and take my daughter to Brownies (which isn't so bad, I get to sit in the parking lot and read a book), and then perhaps fool around on the computer. My wife is working, so I don't think we will go out to eat. But, later in the week my wife has told me that I can go out and buy myself a bunch of D&D books (which I was planning on buying anyhow, but now I can buy them in one shot rather than a book at a time.)

I just am utterly amazed at how much my "false extrovert" act has changed since high school. I did my best to put on that whole show back in high school, but I experienced frightening mood swings. Now, I'm relatively content almost all of the time, but terribly uneasy around strangers. Not really sure which is healthier.

Note, an oddity: A lot of my nodes were written on this day because of the everything 1 to everything 2 switch over on November 13, 1999. For the longest time, I was just convinced that a ton of people were noding on my birthday in 1999.

Little swirls of steam
rise from my coffee
Twisting into the cool air, then vanishing
caffeine Jeannie
floating away
the Styrofoam warms my hands
as I wait for your arrival
commuter train 20 minutes late
no fumes in sight
It really hurts to watch the news nowadays. Continuing coverage of the clean up of Ground Zero, Anthrax scares, and just yesterday the crash of the A300 in New York City. Every story brings up bad memories and feelings. I was walking through the University of Pittsburgh when I saw the news. Immediately fears and thoughts associated with the attacks over two months ago began to rush back.

In every cloud there is a silver lining. Obviously, each of these stories rips away part of me away. Every mention of the evils of man destroys me. However, in each event there is something to be proud about.

After the attack two months ago there were success stories of firemen, police, and random people working together to save lives. Everyone has seen those stories as often as people jumping out of a collapsing burning building. Today I read a line from the Mayor Giuliani. Upon talking about the recent plane crash with President Bush, Bush commented that, "New York City is really being tested. It's a shame." Mayor Giuliani replied, "Mr. President, New York City is up to the test."

That says something about New York. No matter what happens, New Yorkers, and consequently, Americans, can band together and stand firm against whatever comes at us. This is the silver lining within the terror the media is presenting.

So I'm filling out my College Application, what critical work, debating whether the application itself something worthwile to node, or just NFN.

I'm up to the part where you list your extra-curricular activities, and community contributions. Well, Boy Scouts and EMT Youth Squad are both good, but I'd also like to gloat over how I'm level 6 with a node-fu of 8.3. Buuuuut, I can't.

Apparently the guidance counselor reccomended against it, they want something more tangible, like newspaper articles and conventional awards. Declaring your E2 prowess is sorta 'risky' to include in an application. Level 6 isn't exactly something you can print out on a page and enclose with the application. (Maybe if I'm blessed, the interviewer will have heard of this site, better yet, or be TheBooBooKitty) I already had to omit the line about reading every issue of 2600 ("Too controversial of a magazine"). Just because you do a lot of web work doesn't mean anything more than you are an expert in computers, apparently, as far as admissions go. Now if I was an Editor/member of edev/Nate, then it would look very impressive. Alas, I can't. I wonder if Pseudo_intellectual can put it on his resume...

Happy birthday, E2!

Too busy at work for the past couple of weeks to do anything more than glance at E2 - missing the time to write and reflect. The good part is, of course, keeping distracted and busy keeps me from missing her. But - it doesn't work all the time. Still missing Angela more than ever, still don't really know the right course of action. My heart reaches out for her, longs for her - my gut says walk away, as does my brain.

Considering her offer of seeing a counselor - this entire situation feels bad and awful no matter which way I turn.

I really don't know what to do - I was decided til she called me and I heard her beg me to try, to not leave, to come back. Damn. This is hard.

Well my day was going pretty great before I came on here. Last night my boyfriend was over and we watched T.V. Not that exciting but contentment comes in strange moments. Today I went shopping with my mum to buy me a birthday present for me. She was going to get me a watch but we found a necklace and earing set that we both loved but realised cost way too much. We go to the heart of Springvale the suburb I grew up in , to find cheap jewellery. In some person’s backyard we checked out an 18ct white gold sapphire ring with matching ear-rings, however the cost is still too high. My talent for sweet talking my boyfriend achieved the goal of getting the earrings as well : 0 ). I’m so lucky!

I was supposed to go to Monash University with a friend of mine called Nat, I don’t really get to see her outside of the work place, she’s a pretty cool person, she is able to blend in with any crowd, but she doesn’t really have a group of her own to really call her own. I used to have a group of friends to which I thought or felt that I really belonged to, but so many things have changed. I used to talk and hang out with Kris a lot but since I entered a relationship with some one, he doesn’t call or invite me to go any where anymore. I used to call him every once in a while but I got tired of the one ended friendship and just gave up. He gives the excuse that when he organises gatherings he thinks of single people to invite. He has a strange concept that couples always want to be together and be alone together and that it makes others uncomfortable to be in the company of a couple. Which in some circumstances can be true, but not all. He knows how I feel about his attitude, he confesses that his actions are unintentional and apologises but then does nothing to change his behaviour. Much to the demise of the friendship.

I also used to hang out with Chantelle a lot too, but not so much anymore, we’re both pretty busy, I really just see her at uni, and now that uni is over, I guess I’ll only really get to see her when there is a group gathering going on, which isn’t often. It used to be just Chantelle, Kris and I and we’d go out and see each other a lot, but that was nearly two years ago now.

The friends that live close to me like Janine, Nikki and Ines I get to chat to at least every few weeks if not every week, and I see them often, so that’s a good thing, I wish it could be more often though. In the second year of uni I met Stacey who also lives pretty close to me, she is a cool chick that I hung out a lot with too for a little while, but she works full time and doesn’t go to uni anymore so I don’t get to see her much either.

Another person that is cool to hang around with is Jay, except for the fact that he is an alcoholic, at least at the ‘Delta’ stage of alcoholism according to Jellinek’s phases of alcoholism (Figure in ‘The Psychology of eating and drinking’ by Logue, Pg 266) that are described in ‘Alcohol and Alcoholics’ by Block, Pg 133. I’m not saying that everyone that drinks heavily will progress to alcoholism, heck!, if that was the case then 80% of 18-25 yr old Australian males would fit that description, it is sadly just part of the culture, which some other cultures may find hard to understand, it is also what makes it so difficult to to determine whether one’s behaviour will progress and if any thing can be done before its too late to help them. That is, if they think they need help and want it.

I don’t particularly enjoy hanging around the group that I once thought that I belonged to. It is better to see people individually, it is a lot easier to get a long awaited and good conversation started. To really catch up. It is also some what uncomfortable in group situations when there is someone there that you don’t speak to. I can understand such actions because there have been instances in high school where this chick pissed me off, all she did was make ANY situation bad, even if it was good, it would all turn to shit when she got involved. It was like her whole purpose for living was to cause misery. I know! It is hard to comprehend that one measly person could have the capacity to create such havoc. In high school life, she could, and she did. I asked her politely to never speak to me again, however such communication seemed to just go through one ear and out the other (she did just have an empty space for a brain, I don’t know why I expected more from her), she continued to attempt to speak to me, I just vehemently ignored her. I detested how she did not understand the words “go away and never speak to me again!”

I was walking around a shopping centre when she saw me and called out my name, waved and said ‘hi’ in a busy food court, I turned and looked straight at her, stared, said nothing, and walked away. She must have felt and looked like a dick. I had told her to not speak to me, what else could I do?. I had no reason to change my mind, she continued to be annoying.

Anyways, since then I always respect the wishes of someone that askes me not to speak to them. However this makes me not want to be in the company or even the near vicinity of such a person, more for their sake than mine. I wish the chick I told to get away from me would have done that!. This means though that if I am not to be in the vacinity of the said non talkative person, I can not see friends who hang around said non talkative person. This is not really a problem because I can not be mad or blame the person for their actions, obviously it is a reaction that I would do, and have requested of some one before. I made the decision of who I respected more and what I would want from a difficult situation and I concluded that ideally any bad news is best heard from your partner, but what if they can’t remember it?, if my partner did something stupid and couldn’t remember it, I could only wish and hope that someone respected me enough to tell me the truth. When a direct question is asked of you from a friend you respect, and they are expecting a direct answer, it is difficult to lie, a direct answer should be given.

I’m still busy trying to organise my birthday party, I can’t wait for it, there will be a small group of about 15 people who don’t really know each other but they’re all willing to act like big kids and participate in a character theme based game. I’m still waiting for things to get better, my smashed car is still taunting me in my front yard, I come on here and find that some one has systematically downvoted my stuff, further more I have three old write ups that were on 0 or positive total reputation that are marked for destruction for no reason, I can understand why one or two of them were taken down because they were structurtured or formatted wrong but I can’t understand why Flames was taken down, I get no explainations and that just pisses me off, I know that there is nothing I can do about it, that is why this place can be such a bureaucracy sometimes.

At least I’ll get to go to my boyfriends place tonight, he knows how to make me happy, his optimism can make things seem so right.

if you find any spelling or grammar mistakes, please message me and I will fix it instead of just downvoting, the spell checker on my processor isn’t working, and I don’t have a dictionary around, and I’m dumb at spelling and communication .

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