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Playa del fuego is coming on Columbus Day (October 10-13 2003!) Four days of music, art, community, fire, revelry, dj's, stage performances, sex, hedonism, more... Ever wanted to go to Burning Man but couldn't make it? This is a mini-burn with a similar spirit. Spirituality optional. Hedonism optional. Fun mandatory. Check out to see what just happened this year in Nevada (30,000 on the west coast, we will probably hit 400 this fall! tee hee!) and check out to see pictures and sign up to volunteer (best way to get to know folks first is to be a greeter or a parker), to get tickets (only $20 til Sept. 15) to get tickets. No vendors onsite of any kind. It's your Art: bring what you want to happen there.

you can e-mail me at; I will definitely write you back.... I try to make all E2 gatherings and I will be at the renfaire gathering in October!

If you love some one, set them on fire...
I made monkdom - 7/10/01.

Listed below are some nodes that mention my struggle with integrating from a multiple personality in the year 1999-2000. I'm listing these just to help anyone who has MPD, or knows some one with MPD, or who wants to hear some one's story in dribs and drabs, in a disjointed ongoing way through my "journal". I've had MPD since I was a little girl, and now I am integrated into one personality. I have been told that it's unusual to integrate in a year. I guess I was just ready and lucky. I'm still integrated, over a year later, October 2002 and still learning to deal with life on its own brutal terms. Couldn't make it without friends - E2 was a big part of my healing.

Please feel free to msg me or e-mail me for any kind of support. I had very little support for many years, and I think it would have been easier had some one else been around...

Multiple Personality Disorder from the Inside Out
An introduction to my inside selves as they say goodbye
When my inside selves just jump out with wings of fire
revenge is a dish best served cold - written by one of my parts.
MPD tongues poverty - written by another part.
The children are all crying in their pens - written by another part. Dear Mom - not actually MPD stuff, but some of my mom's origins and my origins for background.

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The following E2ers are drummers:
Teiresias, Beltane, Mitchevious, Rancid_Pickle and dear Starrynight and dwardu who is just learning and jaubertmoniker who is sneaky about it and drownzsurf who keeps it vewwy qwuiet....and Jurph who, incidentally is a vocal percussionist. and bribed me to appear on this homepage.... and Frankie, a hand drummer who is more than a wannabe... and then, apparently there is nocodeforparanoia who doesn't use his feet! And doesn't know he is on this home node! Shhh! don't tell him!
Anml4ixoye has earned a place on this list by getting PAID to drum!
and herbman is a drummer too! thanks for letting me know!

Ex-drummers ...sigh... what is going on here people?

I am a member of Out Everythingians and proud of it! waves little rainbow flag here