Feeling pretty blue today. After talking it over with some friends, I finally realized that I'm not getting what I need from my relationship.

I adore her, I'm nuts about her, I'm absolutely in love with her - but I've thought more and more about cheating on her. I don't get enough time with her. I'm constantly feeling alone, rejected (that's my issue) and missing her. I think if I could see her for several hours two evenings a week and one day & evening on the weekend that would keep my cup full.

As it is, my cup runs dry, we fight, we come back together, make love either that day or the next, and my cup gets some more in it. Then it runs out again.

Does she really want to be close? Her ex-husband never got to spend time with her either. She was always running around. Is it a good idea to stay with some one who can't give you what you need, even if you're in love with them? I really do love her.

I guess I will try - one more time - to tell her how I really feel and see if she gets it. And see if she can change. Cause I've changed. And this is a need that won't change.

Please, my darling - please love me.