I wonder if there is any way to get rid of sensory adaptation. I'm finding it that I'm starting to not notice my music anymore, whatever language it may be, whether it may be Filipino, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese or English. I listen to music all the time to make my mind less weary from boredom but now, I don't even notice it anymore. Boredom is hitting me in higher proportions than it would normally would. Now, the incentive to find new music is growing by the day. Maybe its a good thing. Maybe I'll stop singing in a language that I don't understand, though it does give me a weird feeling of accomplishment being able to automatically regurgitate sounds that may mean something to someone else but not to me.

I see the world in a new light! Of course! Who wouldn't with new glasses? Finally received them today, after waiting like two weeks. I've been excited about them until this morning, when I saw my co-worker who recently underwent laser eye surgery. Other than the whole "It smelled like they were burning hair" part, I am starting to get excited. The prospect of a non-blurry world without lenses of any form intrigues me, and pondering whether the tradeoff between the operational pain and cost will offset the emotional and physical change. Until the answer is found, I'll stick to my glasses and contacts. Infernal envy! Will you not torture me even for one day (which means taking a break from being human)?

Madhouse would have a been an operative word for IKEA on the long weekends. Herds (and I use the word liberally) of people stuff themselves into a building filled with recycled air and crying kids, trying to improve their home, as if it was the only day of the year they were to be there. It would have been fine, as the more people the more time passes by. I wouldn't say that time flies when you're having fun applies to work, but sometimes it does (especially when its full of attractive single women). But today was just horrendous, as people were so crowded that you could smell the next person's halitosis. Jeez. I would have gladly donated my wages for today if only some of the guilty ones would eat some gum. Mind you, I didn't have the best breath in the world either (drinking Diet Pepsi does that for you) but I wasn't that bad. Stepping back became a routine for until about 6, when people thought we were closing due to the holiday. It was dead from then on until 9. At least we had some nice personal space.

Came home and ate some dinner. Missed watching Shallow Hal with MrFurious and Mike. At least I got some decent food. Recent economic problems within the company has forced them to cut down on my hours, which in turn has directly affected my social freedom. My income has cut down to almost half what it was a month ago, and since my fixed costs have not declined, I have no choice but to give up my social freedom, even part of it. I can afford to eat out 3 times less a week to pay for my nokia. Hopefully, I'll find a way out of this rut known as my declining work hours.

On the love life front, I'm under more pressure today to get that significant other. I'm surprised at the amount of attention that this issue is getting, and honestly, its flattering that people are being nice enough to care. But on the other hand, its disturbing as I'm wondering whether there is a reason why I'm getting the attention in the first place. But for now, the search continues, just like my battle with the Battle of the Bulge. Since work is about to happen in about 8 hours, I think its a good idea to sleep. Besides, its hard to type and talk at the same time.