It really hurts to watch the news nowadays. Continuing coverage of the clean up of Ground Zero, Anthrax scares, and just yesterday the crash of the A300 in New York City. Every story brings up bad memories and feelings. I was walking through the University of Pittsburgh when I saw the news. Immediately fears and thoughts associated with the attacks over two months ago began to rush back.

In every cloud there is a silver lining. Obviously, each of these stories rips away part of me away. Every mention of the evils of man destroys me. However, in each event there is something to be proud about.

After the attack two months ago there were success stories of firemen, police, and random people working together to save lives. Everyone has seen those stories as often as people jumping out of a collapsing burning building. Today I read a line from the Mayor Giuliani. Upon talking about the recent plane crash with President Bush, Bush commented that, "New York City is really being tested. It's a shame." Mayor Giuliani replied, "Mr. President, New York City is up to the test."

That says something about New York. No matter what happens, New Yorkers, and consequently, Americans, can band together and stand firm against whatever comes at us. This is the silver lining within the terror the media is presenting.