Peace to my fellow noders. I love you all. Thank you dem bones for all the poetry and this beautiful code, to Jay Bonci and Nate and N-wing and everyone else who keeps this machine well-oiled and constantly upgraded. Thank you to wharfinger and Gritchka and everyone else who helped me out when I had first started and was running around crazed and and high on the drug that is Everything. Thanks to everyone I'm not remembering right now (it's not for lack of caring).

Happy Birthday Everything2!

Addendum to be worked on throughout the day:
I don't think the historical value is quite so questionable anymore, at least not in my mind. But then again, I'm weird.

first time disoriented
self-referential nostalgia of questionable historical value
/me pops in, smashes bottle against barge
nate says "ready?"
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I have been a user for longer than the vast majority of you punks!
the mystery project
November 12, 1999
November 12, 1999:r2 (what were you guys smoking?? ;-) )
November 13, 1999
November 14, 1999
November 15, 1999
November 13, 2000 What have we lost since then?