It's all right to forget again.

Nodesteading. A big day ahead.

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Unfortunately, I'm Insomnia Boy, my lifelong alter ego. But it means I get more stuff done - transcribing and dissecting some old George Coleman and Joe Farrell saxophone solos, for instance, which could be an equivalent to counting sheep. And grocery shopping - this morning, I bought my first copy of Rolling Stone for two years...

...I didn't buy RS because Fiona and Rage were on the cover - I bought it because William Greider has an article on the Religious Right. A sign of age, finding Greider to be the most compelling reason to buy? Yes and no. I was a subscriber, on and off, from '75-'97, and there was pretty much the same crap'n'fluff in any decade you choose...

...I remember RS more for Tom Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities and P.J. O'Rourke's pieces than the starfuckery and mythmongering that fills its pages, past and present.

Having seen the early years of RS (via microfiche), I'd say it was much cooler than its subsequent incarnations. Rose coloured glasses? I don't know.

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The managment at my apartment complex decided to give everyone leaving for work this morning a free breakfast, consisting of a container of orange juice, and a random muffin/danish/pastry/etc. This managment is nice, unlike the last ones.

And I decided to go on a nodeshelling spree for the heck of it. I know, bad me, especially after giving tres equis a hard time about it. I take it back.

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