Last night, I dreamed of California . . .

I haven’t been back to San Jose and the Bay Area, my former home for nearly twenty-five years, since sometime in 2000. When my folks relocated from Florida to Reno this year (just ahead of Hurricane Dennis), I seized upon that as a convenient excuse to plan a trip to the west coast, and a drive over to Nevada for a familial visit. As it turns out, it’s much cheaper to fly into San Jose instead of Reno.

Then I realized that my third E2 birthday would occur during the time I’m in California. Who could doubt that such an event obviously calls for a celebration of some sort; and it’s well known that I’ll take any excuse to host a noder gathering!

So come out and help me celebrate three glorious years of addic . . . er, life on E2! Meet some of your fellow noders and drink copious amounts of damn fine coffee! Be seen in the company of people who are inevitably much smarter than you!

WHEN: Saturday, November 19th, 19:00 – closing (or whenever they throw us out). Yes, I know this is short notice. Deal. Come with.

WHERE: One of the finest coffeehouses in the Bay Area, Orchard Valley Coffee. It’s located in downtown Campbell, 349 East Campbell Avenue (at the corner of Central and E. Campbell Avenues).

I’ll be there, workin’ on my coffee overdose, and I’ll save a spot for you! Look for the guy wearing the E2 shirt (if I remember to bring it!).

Who’s comin’ out:

enth and perhaps psydereal

Who might:

ac_hyper and MrFish are also possibilities
C-dawg may make the trek northward
tato might be there!

Who ain’t:

BriarCub, because he has to stay back home in Illinois (somebody has to watch the cats!)
Timeshredder is otherwise occupied in Detroit
Maylith has to stay home (wherever home is!)
Ereneta's schedule says no
AndrewAguecheek, The Debutante, and nine9 would if there wasn't an ocean in their way!
bitriot, tyrannosaurus, junkill, and momomom send their regrets.
heisenberg waves from New Zealand!
lost and found will be sluggin' it out at a hockey game.

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