Answered some of the previous three weeks' e-mail, sorted and arranged material to perform at two readings later today and succumbed to sleep at approximately 9 am, which would have been great if I could have roused myself for my appointment at The New Jerusalem at noon, from which I was to proceed to the SUB at UBC and do a reading on Hearsay, the poetry show on CiTR.

However, not only did I doze through that (recouping much sleep not had over thursday and friday) but I continued to doze... through the show itself, not fully waking until the grand hour of 8 pm, just in time to miss the opportunity to vote for Bud Osborn and Dr. Evil in our municipal elections (the one with the lowest turnout yet the one which affects your life the most!) Foo. This also resulted in me being unable to attend a going-away party on the other side of town so I recouped my losses, went back to The New Jerusalem for the benefit for The Slice which was going on, hung around for too long (though it was all interesting), eventually getting an opportunity to perform some of the material I'd selected earlier this morning, notably a piece consisting primarily of samples of other texts, picked in a quasi-random manner out of assuredly interesting texts. The performance quality was considerably increased from the last benefit, though the organization, hosting and collection (wasn't someone supposed to be collecting money or food or something for the street kids?) was still much up in the air. Emerged just in time to miss the last bus to my next destination (by now it was well into the 21st) so spent a half-hour walking there in holey shoes, mostly dry except when I stepped upon mouldering leaves on the pavement. Much to my surprise, all the lamers were gone (this is a periodical high-school-style party, which I attend merely out of politesse and not out of any sincere enjoyment of the proceedings. And I keep getting invited back!) and the only people remaining were ones I had cause and motive to interact with, including the hostess, (an ex-girlfriend who was most definitely "not drunk" (even passing P_I's sobriety test, though its effectiveness on her is dubious given that it was devised on Valentine's Day two years ago specifically to apply to her, and she's beginning to catch on to the trick), someone who wasn't my friend in high school was also there but we've arrived at the point where we can pretend that we were friends, and notably her raver-geek boyfriend, Curtis Q. Bigpants, was there, and I discoursed intelligently with him on matters of my summer travels, demoparties and introduced him to e-sheep until we all left at 6 am.

It should have been noted above that going to the benefit was procrastinated indefinitely by an hour or so of immature indulgence, notably the institution of demolition soccer (indoors) and some carpet sliding.

All in all, I had planned to do 5 things that day and ended up only doing two, one of which didn't even really happen during that day but merely the same period of awakeness.

Still, that's more than I often manage.

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

I seriously doubt anyone will find this node. I am writing it on the 3rd of December, 2002.


Because, having found an old journal (*not* diary), I found that this day was remarkably interesting.

And yet I forgot about it.


This day was the day I completed my very first computer game. That is to say the very first game I wrote.

It was finally polished.

The first game with a menu, a little sequence when you finished it and everything. It was even in 3d.

How on earth could I forget that. I had overcome all obstacles of procrastination, and became a game programmer.


I encourage you too, oh great discoverer of this obscure node, to start such a project today, or go back to one already started, the rewards though soon forgotten, are worth it.

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