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NOTE: I am asking you, if you node something about roleplaying games (the paper and pencil variety), please drop me a /msg. I will most likely upvote it, and then cool it. I like RPGs. Plain and simple. E2 is a collection of info, in my mind, and this is info that I am interested in. So, I will do my best to encourage this behavior. Thank you!

Also note: I am in the process of nuking a lot of my older, low ranked nodes. Feel free to point anything else that I should or should not delete. Thanks.

New note: I recently decided that a lot of the personal content I used to toss onto e2 should be tossed onto a blog. So, I started a livejournal. Yes, I am a member of the e2 community on LJ. I'm hoshisabi over there.

By the way, feel free to contact me by email or instant messanger:
AIM: dec2work

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5 Most Voted-Upon Writeups
3C! How do you know the fishes are enjoying themselves? 1
3C! Johnny Appleseed 2
Never whistle while you're pissing 3
What it's like to be skinny 4
October 30, 2001 5

5 Least Voted-Upon Writeups
1 (tied) Shadis
1 (tied) Alderac Entertainment Group
1 (tied) Maximus BBS
4 (tied) Atlas Games
4 (tied) corporate gypsies
4 (tied) Fuzion 1C!

5 Highest Goodness Writeups
2C! Ars Magica (tied) 1
1C! Famous Blue Raincoat (tied) 1
1C! Powered By GURPS (tied) 1
1C! d20 System (tied) 1
1C! manriki gusari (tied) 1
1C! Tekumel (tied) 1
2C! glitch (tied) 1
1C! Adventurers League (tied) 1
TAG BBS (tied) 1
OpenRPG (tied) 1
1C! Kappuksu's Story (tied) 1
dai tsuchi (tied) 1
Vincent's Hollow (tied) 1
jitte (tied) 1
Bill Budge (tied) 1
Dream Log: July 15, 2002 (tied) 1
corporate gypsies (tied) 1
1C! Fuzion (tied) 1
Maximus BBS (tied) 1

5 Lowest Goodness Writeups
1 What it's like to be skinny
3 July 18, 2001
4 Adventure game

5 Most Reputable Writeups
3C! How do you know the fishes are enjoying themselves? 1
3C! Johnny Appleseed 2
3C! Orc 3
5C! Steve Jackson Games 4
4C! Strengths and weaknesses of the d20 System 5

5 Least Reputable Writeups
1 Sengoku
2 (tied) TCG
2 (tied) bad code
2 (tied) Five Rings Publishing
5 (tied) CCG
5 (tied) Harn 1C!
5 (tied) Rokugan 2000
5 (tied) Shadis
5 (tied) Alderac Entertainment Group