Rokugan 2000 is a fan-created story based off of the Legends of the Five Rings world. It is set 1000 years after the Day of Thunder, in a modern world that closely mirrors ours. Once again, the time of reconing is at hand, and the Thunders must gather to defeat the demonic incursion into the world.

R2K is written by Rich Wulf, and is far more entertaining than any actual L5R story written since the end of the Day of Thunder at Gencon 3 years ago. He comes out with a new installment every month or so.

Since Rich Wulf has just joined the ACTUAL storyline group that does Legend of the Five Rings, R2K (as Rokugan 2000 is frequently called) is on hiatus.

In addition to being just a story, Rich Wulf (and associates) have also cooked up info so that you can use his characters, plot, etc in the RPG and the CCG. He also includes mechanics and rules for modern day things such as programming (which function very similar to kihos in the CCG) and modern weapons (which work very similar to normal weapons).

While I personally, disagree that R2K is *more* entertaining than the actual L5R storyline, I do agree that it's worthwhile. And apparently, so did the designers of the game itself, as he did end up getting hired.

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