Okay, day two. Yesterday the scaffolding. Today, well...

A 6am start, followed by an hour and a half waking up time. Then, at 7.30am, a man with a skip arrives.

"Can you move your car?" he asks, as there's no space directly outside.

"Uh, our car's over there. No idea whose that one is, sorry!" we reply.

We'd been told, yesterday, that the someone would be around between 8am and 9am for deliveries. We'd also been told not to worry about reserving parking spaces, as they'd take care of that. We didn't feel we had to be particularly helpful...

After about ten minutes sitting in his cab, the skip man decides to drop the skip off anyway. After dumping it in the road, on a length of pole, he - and then my wife and I - start pushing towards the kerb. sigh! He used his lorry to push it in a bit further.

About 8.15am, another lorry meanders past without calling in. Not ours, then.

About 8.30am more people turn up, including the scaffolders. "We're putting up some extra boards," their lead man explains. They disappeared off about 9.10am.

It's 9.15am and that lorry (carrying building materials) is back. Hmmm, suspicious... The doorbell rings. "Uh, can you move your car..?"

At 9.25am the foreman, Martin, arrived. "Sorry I'm a bit late - got caught up with a previous job." Isn't that just always the way..? "Can you move your car..?"

My wife explained things to him. He said he'd sort it. After trying to bounce it down the road a little, he gave up and started helping the man with the lorry (who was still there, drinking a cup of tea) to unload.

Apparently his colleague has been unavoidably delayed in Nottingham, so he'll be on his own today. By 11.45am, he'd made a hole in our roof (a nice "Velux"-shaped one). And was off for lunch.

He came back around 12.45pm and started clearing all the rubbish out. This was one of the "bonuses" of having a loft conversion - all the previous occupiers' rubbish gets removed! It's a filthy job. Martin seems quite affable about it - I suppose most lofts are the same. Very little was dropped into the street...

Having cleared both our main and extension loft spaces by about 2pm, Martin's been banging away non-stop all day. We're not entirely sure what he's been doing but we expect it's related to the fact the crane to lift the RSJs is booked for tomorrow. He's just knocked off at 6.40pm. He reckons he'll be here between 7am and 7.30am from now on. It's a good thing we've been getting up early! But the idea of 7am to 7pm for the next nine days isn't a nice one...