Argh - I said I wouldn't do this because I know someone else on E2 in Real Life.

This has now escalated to two people. Unfortunate - it wasn't on purpose!

Well I want to say stuff anyway - it's on a topic that is much debated on E2, and no - I don't mean gun control.

I mean...

geek girls(tm)

So... there's this girl who used to work at a club I go to every week. Saw her there all the time, thought she was *quite* nice. Nothing special though. I know some of the staff at this club what with being a regular, and have bumped into them on the street in central London from time to time.

Bumped into this girl, let's call her Mary, and another member of staff the other day. Mary was wearing much cooler stuff this time, rather than the Cyberdog stuff she usually wears clubbing. Call me shallow, but anyway, she definitely looked better. She was also wearing her glasses, and we all know about girls with glasses.

Then she opened her mouth. As well as being considerably more articulate than your average member of bar-staff, she had an awesome accent. It was precise, and yet lilted in a strangely Scandinavian way. I'm not some accent fetishist freak, but it definitely did something. So know I'm thinking she's gorgeous. She has an awesome figure, wicked pink, anime-esque hair, and just the right amount of piercings. And of course a pretty face and she knows it.

Fast-forward to Sunday night - most of the staff at this club, Mary included, live together quite near me, and I was invited to a party at their place. I went with one of my house-mates, a bloke called Andrew. Andrew gets all the girls. You know the type, right? I got talking to Mary at the party, just briefly, and she seemed interested in the fact I was a student - a good sign - maybe she was interested in more than just looks....?
After this party Andrew and I are discussing Mary and both agree she is very very nice, but even Andrew reckons she is out of his league - let alone mine. Beware - daylog does not have a happy ending :)

So, on to today. This is a daylog, right?
Went out tonight, clubbing as usual (it's good being a student), not the place Mary works, just my regular Monday night. (Yes, yes it's Tuesday's daylog but it's still Monday night now to me). The whole load of staff from the other club are there, Mary included. Cool I think to myself, at least I get some eye-candy :). She happens to be with some guy who is the spitting-image of Andrew. Dammit! If he doesn't get all the girls, his doppleganger's do. See them kissing. Bastard.

Then, miraculously, she comes and talks to me. I get the impression she isn't going out with that guy, just wants some fun tonight. She asks me about my university course again, and compliments me on my glasses. I am taking computer science. This doesn't usually impress the chicks, but she thought it was cool. She told me she was doing Electrical Engineering at a university near mine. This was a lie, she was doing some polytechnicy watered-down media-version of that course - she actually seemed embarassed she was doing such a dilute course. She said she wanted to be a TV/film producer or director, but realised that she had little chance of getting to do that. I told her my ambition of being a computer game designer and the equally low chance of it being realised. Instead of the normal derisory snort at this, she actually thought it was cool, and said that she was doing a multi-player game project as her 3rd year project instead of a dissertation. So not only is she fantastically enchantingly good-looking, but she is also slightly geeky. Argh. She is as good dancer too. Almost as good as me :).

My flirting skills being what they are (far below zero), I didn't say much else to her, deciding that feigning disinterest is far safer than any other attempts, especially since she was with this other bloke. And she wasn't exactly being warm towards me apart from our little chat anyway.

So that's it then. I found out where she works and a friend of mine who knows her much better than I says she is going to drag me down there when we are 'shopping', so I'll see her reaction then. I'm not exactly holding my breath though - she is still way out of my league and so I refuse to make the mistake of getting fixated.

Watch, or not, this space.