Another night of twelve plus hours of sleep. I think I am paying my body back for too many years of existing on less sleep on the average week. The fun part was having all of those dreams. If you give yourself enough time to sleep your subconscious can really stretch out and give you the epic dream life that you actually deserve. Since I'm sure that no one here will ever get that much sleep, just forget I said anything.

I am finally in winter mode. I even busted out the thermals so all my pants feel really tight. In another week or so I'll be able to resist screaming the first time my bare feet hit the hardwood every morning. The cats have become sleepy automatons - aimlessly drifting from one heating vent to another. I had to evict on of the little monsters from my room because she was actually draped over the single vent and absorbing all the hot air. I was amazed at how hot she was when I picked her up. Evil.

I found out today that I will be making at least one trip to Washington DC this summer. A friend of Yoon's from high school is getting married. Ever notice that as you get older weddings and funerals become one of the few things that will actually get you out of town? Ever notice that if you purposely evade your high school alumni you will somehow get sucked into the high school circle of your SO? Anyhow, I'm looking forward to DC even if it means another wedding.

I had a philosophy exam this morning already. I have made up my mind to actually try to make a formal complaint about the professor with his department. I talked to a few other folks in that class and they also feel like he's doing a terrible job of teaching the class and that his exams are full of ambigous questions. The really lame part is that he made fun of students who bought the textbook. I need to go to a better college. I think that this place will eventually make me stupid or, at very least, very bitter.

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