Someone seems to downvote me as soon as I hit sumbit. I could probably figure out who by gradually eliminating people who aren't on when it happens, but I don't care enough to do that. I'm not hurting for XP. I'm just curious as to *why*. Oh well. Anyway, it's my boyfriend's birthday! I got the prettiest cake. There's a grocery store here with beautiful cakes, not the usual chain-bakery thing at all. I love it. And I love that I don't have to think "Oh no, that's too girly, can't get it for him." The crystal and porcelain are sitting on the table at home. It should be a nice thing. And I heard that the picnic basket was just delivered--that's his main present--so that's a relief. I am still sick but I am determined not to let that get in the way.

Whispers of the Heart is still resonating in my head.