Wow friday morning already. That means two weeks to go. Thats a long time to get through in this place with its oppressive corporate american culture. As usual I will pass the days with alchohol and manic socialising. I dreamt about her last night - that hasn't happened for a while.

Oh well I'll make it - I have my special rocks and my teddy bear. I guess its a little strange that a supposedly grown man sleeps with his teddy but what the hell. I've been doing it since I stopped sleeping with her. I dragged him out of the cupboard one night and he's been with me each night since. I think my cleaner must think its quite cute by the way she leaves him propped on my pillow when she makes the bed.

I also brought some of my CDs that I thought I might need
The Fragile - Nine Inch Nails
Fight Club Soundtrack - Dust Brothers
Odyssey Number Five - PowderFinger
I love you but... - friendly
but with characteristic brilliance I forgot to bring anything to play them on. Oh well I downloaded an mp3 player onto my workstation here and I found these days on the net so at least I have something.

Last night we ventured into St Charles and drank heavily. I took advantage of the fact that we are in a small town in a country that is somewhat more easily offended by foul language than my own and amused myself by seeing how much I could work the word cunt into conversation. I got back with a slight stagger and four candles from the last bar we went to.

I am still trying to decide what to do next. to Quit or not to Quit? If Quit then which offer do I take? The official offer letter arrived today from the Object/Java specialists. I think I may be leaning towards these guys - Its about 10k less than Im getting now but the work sounds interesting. I don't know though.

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