Woke late, had several seconds of panic then decided to revel in my slackness. Stretched out in the sunlight slanting across my bed and read A Prayer for Owen Meany while munching on toast. Broke my resolve NOT to be the first one to attack the septic hell-hole that is our kitchen, and wandered into work. Spent the morning catching up on email and chatting to friends, caught up with another at lunch, then meandered back to the office through the spring sunshine. The afternoon was whiled away writing cards and sending photographs from my last trip to various corners of the globe. As today is the opening ceremony of the Olympics, everyone had left early and the building was eerily silent. My officemate endeared herself to me for the next few days by calling me out to watch the shimmering, bloated red sun sink slowly over the mountains. Sharp pangs of homesickness for smoky Darwin ocean sunsets where a sun that size sets the sea and clouds on fire.

Work achievements today: nil
Contentment factor: zooming up rapidly.

I'll be spending a part of my weekend in here now, but it was worth it.