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10:30 BST

Well, I'm in work and trying to ease back into the flow of things. I am still really tired and achey, but the coffee is helping (a little).

Today? well, today is time to read about MHP and DVB standards in preparation for my coding work. I've also got to think about the sun server that I should be porting some apps to... Plus I've got to write a report (blech!) on my experience at the trade show.

14:30 BST

The office is nearly empty because of a combination of the petrol crisis and holidays. It's nice to read in peace without people singing or dropping things around my desk. Please Stop annoying me guy isn't in today; I am in a nice calm and happy mood. Serene would be a good word for it.

Wow. This MHP specification is immense, referencing RFCs and other standards left, right and centre. (I will node MHP at some point; it stands for Multimedia Home Platform and is a java based set top box standard defined by a european digital television standards body called DVB) I can see that this will take some time to get through; the PDF file is over 11 meg with hardly any diagrams :-(

More later, my little fondant centred chocolates