I dreamed last night that me and a buddy of mine from back in high school went to this Playboy strip club kind of place. I had never gone and really wasn’t interested in going but he dragged me out there. We went in and there was the playboy bunny all over the place, this big stage, and a very big bar. It was also a lot brighter than I was expecting the place to be. There were about 30 or so people all sitting around, some on the floor, otheres on the steps. It reminded me a lot of my Baptist Student Ministry meetings that I go to.

Not to long into it a older man came out and said “Now we drink, but someone has to drink the whole pitcher first. Who’s turn is it tonight?” My friend Andy, stepped up and said “Me“. I remember looking at him like the what the heck are you doing. But he just said it was ok. This cute girl in very tight white spandex kind of thing gave him a pitcher full of water and he finished it off in one shot. Everyone cheered and then broke up to go do what ever.

As for me I headed off to the bathroom. I remember walking by the women’s restroom and saw that it was a lot smaller than the guys. And then I thought well that makes sense, I guess they don’t get a lot of girl customers in here.

After using the bathroom I came back out. There where a lot more women walking around now. All wearing different styles of the tight white spandex I saw one wearing earlier. I was watching this one girl very closely when a voice from behind me said “You want something to drink?” I turned, gave the girl one more quick glance and then said “yeah I need something to keep me awake. I need a coke.” He said ok, that will be $7:54 “ I remember thinking that's, expensive coke. But then he handed me the can. The can was about 4 times the size of a regular coke can. I opened it up and a starting to talk with yet another women in white spandex and then woke up.

I had the new PSX2 and I was going wild. There was this platform game called (god save us all) Lieberman and Barney's Big Adventure and it was beating Final Fantasy IX's butt on the sales chart. What was weird about this game was that it was pre-Constituional or something. It was to my understanding that if we didn't vote for Lieberman, THEN he would become Vice President (all that 12th amendment, vice president jazz). And he didn't want to be President, so he would threaten you by saying if you voted for him, Barney would be taken off of PBS. Lieberman and Barney, in the game, were on their way to meet Ayn Rand in County Sligo, Ireland to discuss a new book that she has been writing. Instead, Lieberman ends up attending an IRA meeting, which is actually an NRA meeting. I get sick of this game, and turn it off. I head outside, but I'm in County Sligo, which looks like Dublin (not that I have any sense of awareness about Ireland, but in this dream the difference between the two was that Dublin was notorious for playing Helter Skelter over these large loudspeakers at certain times of the day)

I somehow inherit the throne in Ireland and am speaking with my foreign affairs secretary, who is John Jay (what on earth!) and I send him to west Africa for some sort of treaty. He goes to Benin, which was being ruled by Ben. Ben insists that his people call his country Dahomey and that everyone should call him Ben Da Homey. Two weeks later, John Jay returns to me in this very etchy part of the dream that I have trouble remembering. There is a letter addressed to Aimee the Empress, about some Carribean country planning to invade next month. I look around and he has sent many of his Benin servants with him, red leprechauns. Red Leprechauns are supposedly the enemy of the green Leprechauns because they are communists and are the Carribean invaders. I leave the country and sail to Benin where I see him with three peasants who look like some of the poor folk in Les Miserables (identically...)

Anyway, so I'm staying there at the kingdom for whatever reason, and I mut have forgotten part of the dream here because suddenly it's night time, and I'm walking down the halls looking at paintings on the walls. I come across Ben's bedroom, which has these huge double doors with locks all on them. I can open them though very easily. And I walk into his room, and he's in such a deep sleep. And I go up to him, and like that Trinity about to kiss Neo while he's in the matrix, I lean over his bed and I linger there for a minute, and suddenly I just kiss him on the lips. And his entire body turns a brighter shade of pink, and I sit down in a chair next to him and watch him sleep until I wake up.

I am in my bedroom with one of my best friends. We are sitting on my black sofa, listening to music - dark electronica and I tell him that I've slept with all the members of this band, including the singer. I cannot, however, remember the name of the band (the CD surface is totally blank, not like a recordable CD, but actually blank), the name of one of those members, what they look like or even how I met them.

The music is brilliant, something I had never heard before and when I woke up of course I could not remember how it was, just that it was brilliant. (I suspect my mind was lazy here, and instead of creating an actual brilliant music piece, just tricked me in believing I was listening to one).

I kiss my best friend.

We then talk about the routes we should add to my linux server but we are now outside, in a forest in Norway.

I can remember now that the band we were listening to is Finnish but when I realize that we went from my bedroom to Norway in only a few seconds I laugh and wake up.
An improvised circus in the trees. Various people appear and disappear among the branches and roots of trees in a sort of quadrangle.

At one point my cousin, Cathy, appears high on a branch that cracks and swings her into a dangerous place. People around us are discussing ways to rescue her, but the branch cracks again and she falls to the ground.

It is unclear whether or not she is seriously injured. But she tells us to stop the game for the safety of the children who are climbing all over the trees.

I don't remember a lot of what happened at the beginning... but somehow, I was in a staff meeting. (Background info: quite a few of my friends work with me.) So, we're in this huge meeting with about a hundred other people... and Gina (my supervisor) is in front talking. I'm sitting next to one of my male friends, and across the room I see another of my male friends. Gina says she has an announcement to make. (She's holding italian rolls wrapped in foil- I dunno what they are, but that's what I knew they were. Like, bread, with vegetables and spices inside.) Anyway, she says for all couples (anyone with a sig. other who works in our org.) to raise their hands. At this point, I knew that we were all going to be fired if we raised our hands. So I see my male friend who's across the room raise his hand, and his girlfriend (who doesn't work with me, but did in the dream), and two other people (a boy and a girl), and my male friend sitting next to me. I didn't raise my hand. He thought we were a couple. I didn't. I wanted to be... but we weren't really. And I didn't want to lose my job. So, she has six of these Italian rolls, and she gives one to each my friend and his girlfriend- and they leave. Then the other two. I make my friend put his hand down, because we're not a couple. She says something about "is that all?" I remember I'm worried, because we might be a couple soon. I guess we'll have to hide it, and be smart. We think the reason she fired them was because they were slacking on the job, and making out. I'm really scared, but know that I can handle it. And I hope she doesn't find out we were lying. ... A lot of this dream is contradictory- but that's the way it happened, so that's the way I'm posting it.

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