I am in my bedroom with one of my best friends. We are sitting on my black sofa, listening to music - dark electronica and I tell him that I've slept with all the members of this band, including the singer. I cannot, however, remember the name of the band (the CD surface is totally blank, not like a recordable CD, but actually blank), the name of one of those members, what they look like or even how I met them.

The music is brilliant, something I had never heard before and when I woke up of course I could not remember how it was, just that it was brilliant. (I suspect my mind was lazy here, and instead of creating an actual brilliant music piece, just tricked me in believing I was listening to one).

I kiss my best friend.

We then talk about the routes we should add to my linux server but we are now outside, in a forest in Norway.

I can remember now that the band we were listening to is Finnish but when I realize that we went from my bedroom to Norway in only a few seconds I laugh and wake up.