I don't remember a lot of what happened at the beginning... but somehow, I was in a staff meeting. (Background info: quite a few of my friends work with me.) So, we're in this huge meeting with about a hundred other people... and Gina (my supervisor) is in front talking. I'm sitting next to one of my male friends, and across the room I see another of my male friends. Gina says she has an announcement to make. (She's holding italian rolls wrapped in foil- I dunno what they are, but that's what I knew they were. Like, bread, with vegetables and spices inside.) Anyway, she says for all couples (anyone with a sig. other who works in our org.) to raise their hands. At this point, I knew that we were all going to be fired if we raised our hands. So I see my male friend who's across the room raise his hand, and his girlfriend (who doesn't work with me, but did in the dream), and two other people (a boy and a girl), and my male friend sitting next to me. I didn't raise my hand. He thought we were a couple. I didn't. I wanted to be... but we weren't really. And I didn't want to lose my job. So, she has six of these Italian rolls, and she gives one to each my friend and his girlfriend- and they leave. Then the other two. I make my friend put his hand down, because we're not a couple. She says something about "is that all?" I remember I'm worried, because we might be a couple soon. I guess we'll have to hide it, and be smart. We think the reason she fired them was because they were slacking on the job, and making out. I'm really scared, but know that I can handle it. And I hope she doesn't find out we were lying. ... A lot of this dream is contradictory- but that's the way it happened, so that's the way I'm posting it.