The day we'll reach 60000 nodes. And I will get that node if I have to stay up all night. I can't let Saige get that node! It's mine!


It's Morning: I went to bed about 01:30EST and now I'm up. 496 more to go. About 150 in 9.5 hours.

I had to take my Draongbait to the vet yesterday, well it turns out he twisted his knee, poor baby, the vet wants me to try and restrict his activities, well try is a good world, anyone ever try to restrict a cat, trust me it is not easy. Well it is raining, I love the rain, ahhh, have class tonight, have to do my hw, hmmm, not alot of time left, bad me.

Yes!, finished by hw with 10 mins to go! Thanks to the help of co-workers, Prof. didn't give us all the info we needed, Blah! More rain, I walked home from class in the rain, ahhh, that felt good.

News 9/15/1999

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