There are two types of Vets, either veterans of a war or animal doctors. Both are people to be respected for their knowledge and experience. Respected for the things they do to help the average person lead a better life.

A veteran of the Armed Forces has made the decision to dedicate a portion of their life to maintain freedom and uphold the laws of government. They have sacrificed personal choices to ensure our well being and safety.

An Animal Doctor has chosen to dedicate their life to ensuring the health and well being of that beloved companion in our lives. Pets are probably the best example of unconditional love. The love and attention a Veterinarian gives our animals helps to ensure our emotional well being.

To examine with expert thoroughness; as,
The copy editor had to vet the manuscript for errors.
From veterinarian.

VET is an acronym, used in Australia, to refer to "Vocational Education & Training".


They said he was in 'nam In Tott'nam round my way So I brought my auntie's cat along to pay and have it spayed The geezer looked at me all 'fused when I showed up with my pet he prodded at his medals He was not that kind of vet.

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