Today: Work happens. Lunch with Q-; she notes that her biological clock has developed an uncomfortably loud tick. Play a little MM8. My sisters and their families and I take Dad out for dinner for his 60th birthday: The Crow's Nest on Rt. 17, Hasbrouck Heights. Each sister's family gets a promise of some computer hardware work: internal modem replacement for the Goetzls, RAM add for the Marosys. Watched some Olympics nonsense at my eldest sister's house, spent some quality time playing trucks with my nephew. The Goetzls have a new kitten, Annie, striped and spotted like a wee tame tigerleopard. A search for an mp3 of Heart's Barracuda is fruitless.
The week past: Brake master cylinder replacement and thermostat installation on the Sundance. Laundry (black and dark blues). Bought some flannel sheets in preparation for winter. Slowly catching up with rejected material lot dispositions, and brought some traceability documentation up to date. Called my aunt and uncle in Albany to OK a few days' stay with them later in the month - I haven't seen my grandmother (also in Albany) in years, she doesn't travel anymore, so if I want to see her I have to make the trip. While I'm there I hope to visit Howe Caverns and maybe survey the job market. Started a character for Charles' upcoming D&D 3E campaign. (Human thief/wizard, "Willie l'Golemme" - a pun on "wooly" + "leg o' lamb". I have a bet with myself on how long it takes my fellow players to figure that out.) Monday, my cousin once-removed gave me two sixes of Killian's Irish Red to install a replacement floppy drive, which turned out defective. I sold her my spare FDD; in the course of the evening I met her daughter. Such are my family relations that in 7 years living within walking distance, I never met this blood relative.