SUCESS! My new computer has arrived!

I'm sure that all of you who have been following my log (and giving me depressingly high reps) this is a milestone. I am currently writing this on my computer at home in Linux while watching Star Trek: Voyager.

Having a computer at home is fantastic, but having a better one at work is bliss.

My girlfriend was in town . . . we made pizza (not frozen), watched a movie, went shopping for groceries, etc.

I told my girlfriend about the problems I've been having the past two weeks with another girl. She thought this meant I was breaking up with her. This isn't true, but I've determined that the only way I can continue to maintain the relationship is to refrain from socializing with other people, this time totally. I had, in the past, eliminated situations which had any element of sexuality at all. This had spread, and I began to see sex where there was none before. I had started to become anxious at any social function unless my girlfriend was present. Even then, she didn't help all the time, and I couldn't quite explain it. I have, admittedly amatureishly, diagnosed myself with social anxiety disorder, but I don't care. I've decided that should I want to prevent any accidental seduction of other females, I should avoid them, and because they make up 50%+ of the population anyway, I should just avoid people. We cried. My eyes still hurt. She drove off back to her home.

I'm in the middle of the essay in A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again about Television. DFW has a lot of interesting thoughts on the subject. I can't wait to finish it. I've read absolutely none of The House of the Spirits or Memoirs of a Beatnik, though I guess I should read House because I need to write a paper for Monday.

Suppose the rather large paragraph above should be expained by this: I'm a really really nice guy. I tell women they are beautiful when they are, etc. I'm simply honest. One woman has seemingly fell in love with me, and I still have a girlfriend. Both of these women make my guts go gooey when I'm with them, but there can be only one. I must choose, and I really really really don't want to hurt anyone. I still wonder if it's possible to love two people. It doesn't matter. I have to kill off whatever part of me feels for the other woman, the way she makes me feel. The smell of her purfume. Her sense of humor. The scars she has placed all over her own body. Those things I love about her.

Got a credit card bill today, and I have less credit available than I thought I did. I gather it's all interest. I need to get it together and just pay these things off. I should have enough to pay off the landlord for this month's rent. Like yesterday, I'm soliciting for your spare pennies to help pay my tuition. Send them to: dan/405 Normal/Normal IL 61761. If I get any, and I publish a book, I'll try and fit you into the acknowledgments part of the book. Heh.

Right now, I'm listening to Nirvana's cover of the Leadbelly song Where Did You Sleep Last Night? over and over and over again.

My eyes hurt.

Daylight savings time / summer time started here at 3am this morning. Since i was already 6 hours out of sync with the normal diurnal cycle, I'm now 7 hours out. Bugger.

Strangely enough not hung over after last night, perhaps because I drank about a gallon of water before I went to bed. The dancing in town last night was pretty crappy, the only people I was interested in dancing with were too drunk to dance decently.

Still shit happens when you party naked.

Fun day today =)

Parents took me to medevil knights for my 18th birthday. We got there and they promptly had be knighted, which was moderatly embarassing, however, i did find out something! The person had me hold a sword. I joked with the guy about wanting to keep it, and he said i was going to be able too. Jackpot! So afterwords it turns out my parents got me a sword for my birthday, just like i wanted. We sit down for dinner, not much eventful. We have the loudest section, our knight dies first. Food is pretty good. It was funny watching my girlfriend have to eat it with her hands. Right as the grand finale is getting going, they came over to sing happy birthday to me, i'm moderatly annoyed. ``Happy birthday to stacy, happy birthday to you''. So i sit back down, and the girl shakes my hand, at which point i say, ``it's Kelly''. Now mind you she had on 5 layers of makeup, and it was dark, but she turned 20 shades of red.

She wouldn't go away.

i missed most of the grand finale because of her groveling.

Other than that it was an awsome and fun night. We went into the museum of torture afterwords, what twisted stuff! Me want!

We go and pickup my sword (it's in a box in the sword shop). I want to look at it before we left (they guy offered), and silly me is thinking ``wheres he got something to open that with? there doesn't appear to be anything at hand''. Until i realize he is standing infront of 5 of the coolest daggers i have seen, he picks one up and opens the box. Duh.

Fun night.

Ah, the gift of insomnia. Now that it's almost two in the morning, and considering that I have to get up at seven, I should really be sleeping. Alas, I am not. Instead, I'm sitting here writing this and try to solve control systems problems. So I've brewed up a nice cup of peppermint tea, and here is what we have...

The beauty of diffusion, it is a wonderful thing. The cool tea bag in hot water, water circulates, cooling, warming the leaves, and carrying away the flavor and color, to be mixed with the rest of the water in this white cup. You can see the flavored, colored parts of the water, they drift to the bottom of the cup, cooler than the rest by warming of the leaves. Bubbles form of the tea bag, on the surface of the cup, minute little bubbles, so tiny and delicate. At a critical point they rise to the surface, pushed by buoyancy, and linger on the surface of the water, disturbing the surface, until, finally, they burst, and are replaced by more from below.

A sip now, it's not to hot, not to flavored, but colored strongly. These bags are old, none to fresh; they were improperly sealed, and all the wonderful flavor and aroma leaked out of them and into the cupboards. What a wonderful experience, to open a cupboard and to enjoy the strong odor of peppermint that wafted forth.

A big mouthful, a swallow, and a deep breath, Relax. Relax. And sleep...



I spent some time this morning to write that script I promised - it runs DayMetaNoder from within XEmacs (one reason for me to stop editing the sourcefile with vim =) Go Grab It®:

or see DayMetaNoder to get the source, too.

I got to get it to the temp dir - got to make a better place for it soon.

I'm not going to register and start giving commercial-grade telephone support for it, but you can e-mail ( or /msg me if you have problems with it. =)

And in case you want to use DayMetaNoder to make daylog metanodes, Go Ahead And Do-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo It. =)


I'm nobody.

And will stay that way for a loooong time.

Everyone I know are doing WAY better than me, or having better chances of doing things. Not that there's much to complain about my possibilities, but it's just that everyone else is doing better.


OK, Usenet stuff done, news read, mail read. Time to do some New Media. Bleah. =(


OK, I made the New Media stuff.

The most joyous moment of the day: OO Programming course assignments included several interesting challenges, including a text adventure. Too bad I need to do it in Java - I asked them if I can code it in Inform. Damn, Infocom bytecode runs in a lot wider range of platforms than Java, I've never found a JRE for Commodore 64 for example...


Finished writing the HTML tutorial, uploaded that to my home page (it's in Finnish)... Well, that's that. Now something other cool stuff to node?

Other day logs o' mine...

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Had to go back to the hospital and have the wound dressings changed. Not only did it hurt, it also made me very worried about infections and fevers and suchlike.

I had a wonderful evening on the telephone. It was a shame that a) I was on painkillers and more than a little dopey and b) that I wasn't really there with her.

(evil voice) "Patience dizzy, it will all come together... soon... Excellent..."

I was invited around to my Mother's house for breakfast. This would have been OK if it weren't for:

  • Me being unable to eat due to nausea.
  • My Brother being depressed about university and taking it out on me.
  • My Mother not really being well enough to cook breakfast for me.
  • Me being worried about my leg...

Ah well. maybe more later peeps.

16:30 BST

Hah! On the suggestion of Noether and Hamster_Bong I have moved my PC to beside the sofa and can now surf with my leg elevated as my doctor ordered! Yay!

In other news, Katyana's monitor is broken. Which means that I cannot talk to her online. : ( Oh well I suppose this means I shall have to telephone her : )

She loves me. Eep!

Well, I have a flu today. No fun. Still managed to go through my emails, answered stuffs like Netscape IPlanet, and why we (the company) is going into it.

Played with Lotus QuickPlace yesterday, for discussion and scheduling. Looks good.

Damn it Barry stop procrastinating

Autumn has broken. You can tell, as the phrase "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" is in a lot of newspaper columns. So windows open all around the house, getting the last of the summer warm air out.

Slobbed in front of the television, watched a Doctor Who repeat, and put off writing a whitepaper for a lecture I'm giving in San Francisco at the end of the month. Still I have 18 pages so far, just need to gather my thoughts on SQL optimisation.

One week till my date gets back from her holiday. Wonder where I should suggest? She only ever sees me in scruffy jeans for work, maybe I should dress properly.

Seems like Dizzy is getting his borg implants removed. Except he's replacing them with his phone. :) "I am Dizzy of smorgesbord. Prepare to have your ass laminated."

Tracked down the source of the spams I got this week. LARTs away.

Woke up at 10:30, showered and had brunch.

Had an Alpha Chi Sigma meeting at 10:15; realized that they expect me to know stuff... Have to know their history and other related things. Guess i'm gonna have to read throught the little booklet they gave me.

The procrastination has begun again. We all know the symptoms: Large, difficult looking test in a few days. Plenty of time to use to study. Not much studying going on. Oh well... maybe i'll study the night before. Maybe i'll get to the night before and figure that its too late to do anything, lets play some quake!!

Not much else to do... kind of bored. Should be studying. Maybe i'll just node for a while (i end up doing that anyway, even if i just read other nodes and use my votes)

Today is:

New style (Gregorian): 1 October 2000
Old style (Julian): 18 September 2000 C.E.
730394 R.D.
Astronomical (at noon):
2451819 j.d.
Sunday, Week 39, Year 2000
21 Tut 1717 A.M.
21 Maskaram 1993 E.E.
Islamic (until sunset):
2 Rajab 1421 A.H.
10 Merh 1379 A.P.
Baha'i (until sunset):
N'ur Mash'iyyat, B'ab of V'ahid 9, Kull-i-Shay 1 B.E.
Hebrew (until sunset):
2 Tishri 5761 A.M.
cycle 78, year Geng-chen, month 9, day 4
Hindu Lunar (from sunrise):
4 Asvina 2057 V.E.
Hindu Solar (from sunrise):
15 Kanya 1922 S.E.
Decade I, Decadi de Vendemiaire de l'Annee 209 de la Revolution
Mayan (long count):
Discordian: Prickle-Prickle, Bureaucracy 55, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3166

Happy October, all. It's been a beautiful day, with a sunset of incredible pink and gold autumn clouds cascading down the sky, framed by the golden Japanese trees on either side of the path through our garden. The air has a sharp autumn tang, with a bite to it. And I've had a blissful, blissful weekend of no people and nothing to do.
The family went down to their seaside place to soak up the sun, and the general opinion was that I was nuts for wanting to spend the whole weekend at home, glued to a machine with the phones turned off. But the exhibition stuff is coming together, has a definite direction, and is looking good. The screenplay germs are now half of a script. Ideas have been catalogued and sorted and directories have been cleaned up. Meanwhile, I am beautifully clean and fragrant due to long, long baths. I am dressed in happy pink and white clothes, with smooth hair, and look all smiley and girly, as opposed to the weekday sexless, cross ruffled owl in ragbag look. I have slept and slept, and had passionate daydreams, and vivid happy dreams. I even managed a node: Jan Svankmajer. I feel all achieve-y and relaxed. Bloody marvellous.
Of course my father, on his return, shook his head, and said: "I don't know what you find to do all day on that thing. You'll go blind!" and stomped off muttering when I giggled at him. He's feeling neglected because he wanted me to go sailing with him.
There WILL be sailing. Soon. In about 8 weeks or so, if the sea hasn't frozen over by then. Roll on December.
Today was the first time I woke up with my girlfriend in my arms (we haven't been going out for very long). We hadn't really slept much, so I was pretty tired all day. Because of this, I had to slow down a few times on my drive home since I wasn't paying attention to the road, so things were getting a bit dangerous. Maybe I should have drank that can of Jolt she gave me, to keep me more awake.
Got home, looked on IRC to see if she was there... and she was... away. Fortunately, she came back after a while so we chatted some more.
In the afternoon, I decided to go lay on my bed, listening to music, so I put on a Pink Floyd cd. After a while, I fell asleep. An hour later I woke up, finally feeling less tired (which is usually what sleeping does to you). After that I wasted some more time on IRC, read a few comics which I still hadn't read yet. I don't know why I bought some of them, since they weren't really fascinating. After that I wasted even more time on IRC, and checked E2 to write this, while listening to Iron Maiden's Brave New World.
I spent the weekend at some friends’ apartment. It was my first time driving all the way to Ann Arbor alone. I didn’t get lost, didn’t get killed, but I did get stuck in some disgusting traffic for three hours. It looked like a bridge was being built across 96 near Grand Rapids, which caused major backups, and then I ran into countless other construction projects right up until getting onto business 23. And then there was an accident of some sort, only the cars got towed away before I even got close enough to know what was going on. All that was left was a couple state cop cars with the sirens flashing. And then there was the U of M game, so driving through downtown AA was a war between stop lights, suicidal pedestrians, and people knocking on my window holding game tickets for sale. Dealing with all this while trying to get directions over a cellphone while trying to turn left onto Hill street was not very fun. At least I didn’t have to pay for parking.

This visit went much smoother than the last one. I actually enjoyed myself most of the time, and I was not left alone in an empty apartment for four hours without anything to do (see September 10, 2000). I arrived around 12:15pm or so on Saturday afternoon. Nick broke my ribs, Aaron made some orange juice for breakfast. Joey was marching at the game. Took a nap while listening to the crowd cheer on Dave Terrell.

Aaron had to go to band practice, so I did my homework again. Nick was supposed to go get some work done in the computer lab, but he stayed home and played Ultima instead. I was glad to have company. There’s nothing weirder than being left alone in a strange house. When Aaron got home, we all went to Subway for dinner. We met this guy who works there by himself usually, with only two other employees (both work eight hours a week, or less). He was sitting behind our table shooting sticky darts from a very realistic looking toy gun at the heavy glass lamps hanging from the ceiling. He seemed to be a nice guy, just a little bored.

The drive home was endless. I kept finding myself closing my eyes and not being able to open them again. Bad puntos. I stopped in Portage to get gas, and then managed to make it home before four. There was some bitch in a white convertible following me, but I managed to lose her with my mad driving skills. At least that little adventure kept me awake.

Now I am home, quite safe, and with plenty of time to finish my homework. Overall, a very successful weekend. Goodnight.

After a glorious but exhausting day spent in the recording studio yesterday, today was quite a contrast.

Melbourne's annual Fringe Festival started today in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, with a parade and countless stalls selling all sorts of cheap(ish) food, clothing, and bootleg Sanrio merchandise.

So I went along to see what I could see. Amidst the four or five ten-minute bursts of rain (and one of hail) and strong wind, bookended by sunshine, I managed to soak in the raver/hippy vibes without frothing at the mouth. I must have been in a good mood... Plus lots of good bands were playing, including my current favourite Melbourne band Registered Nurse, who were incredible despite their singer having been up since the previous morning and looking like he fell asleep in the sewer.

The only real bad points of the day was running into a girl I never called back, who was looking exceptionally attractive (dammit!), and having to grudgingly accept that the band of someone I dislike intensely was actually pretty good. Hand me the Angostura, I need to sweeten up.

Went to be around 7am or so after a long night of drinking keg beer my roomate bought.

I awoke at 4pm feeling like shit. The shakiness and the anxiety started to overwhelm me a little bit so I chased a valium with some beers and went to work.

I got home and discovered the keg was empty so I was out of luck, the state I live in prohibits the retail sale of alcohol on Sundays. So much for seperation of church and state. At least the bars were open.

I left an hour later and took some more valiums and decided to smoke some cigarettes while downloading some mp3s - the Rocky theme song and Eye of the Tiger by Survivor - Some good workout music, I have to get into better shape if I'm going to get serious about this local tennis association I'm joining.

Freaks ahoy. On the bus from work - yes, I work weekends - a guy in his 20s, black or mulatto, obviously quite well-to-do, sat on the seat next to mine for the whole 45 minute trip. For the first 10 minutes, he was staring at me, in a glazed-over kind of way. That was not disturbing, I do it myself sometimes if there is no other place to look but other people, but the thing is, he was sitting beside me, not opposite me, so he had to actually turn his head 90 degrees to stare at me. After about 10 minutes, he stuck out his tongue and made a grimace, and, incidentally, spent the rest of the voyage that way. At this point I began to be freaked out. But it was not until he started making track-runner-like panting noises that I started to be disturbed in earnest. I considered geting off at the next available, well-lit stop and waiting for the next bus, or, alternatively, try and inconspicuously dig out the knife that was at the bottom of my backpack and completely uncombatworthy, not to mention the fact that I know next to nothing about self-defense. Luckily, the freak got off soon afterwards, giving me a parting glance full of genuine hate.

Sydney. I've realized that these past 17 days have been the best time of my life. Never thought I'd ever say that about time spent in Sydney. I've never been as happy as I've been during this Olympics period--living in the moment without looking back or into the future, savoring the pleasures of every minute. My first Olympic Games... And to think I almost wasn't here--that I'm in Sydney by default, not by choice. It was worth it.

More pin madness today. To Darling Harbor to examine the wares of the traders there. Many were selling Atlanta 1996 pins for A$1 (US$0.55) each--they'd brought suitcases full of 'em and they'll probably go back with them. After you've seen a tray of 50 or so Atlanta pins your eyes glaze over and it's impossible to take in more. And there are more...than you've ever wanted. It's a tragedy for someone somewhere. Acquired Soviet Union pins from Helsinki 1952 and Tokyo 1964, a Spanish one from Barcelona 1992, one from Seoul 1988. Saw a Soviet medal and ribbon from a meeting of IOC delegates in Moscow 1980. Then took the the pins back to my room to gloat over them for a few minutes. It was 3.30 p.m. and the Men's Marathon was starting in North Sydney at 4, then coming south over the Harbor Bridge.

I crossed Hyde Park to the part of the route that passes St Mary's Cathedral. People had already taken up position there and laid Australian, Japanese, German flags along the barriers. 4 o'clock came and went; so did a lone policeman on a motorbike, waving at the crowds who were applauding ironically. A slow handclap began. Then came the 7 media helicopters overhead, the cars leading the marathon, and the runner who was ahead of the bunch. Huge cheers. The main pack of runners, which included an Australian, came and went to the accompanying cry of "Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!!" Straggling runners a couple of minutes behind them. Didn't wait to see all of them; raced back across Hyde Park to Bathurst Street in the city center, through which the marathon would pass after returning from the inner eastern suburbs.

This was the 25-km mark and a drinks stop, and here Olympic volunteers were still setting out bottles of refreshment on tables under signs bearing the runners' countries. The bottle for the Australian athlete had a small flag of his country waving from it... We waited in blinding sunshine and a freezing wind. A middle-aged British tourist on my right with a small yellow toy kangaroo ("Go Aussie Go!" on it) peeping from her bag to watch the marathon. A young British tourist on my left in tank top, pudgy bare midriff, pierced navel, nailpolish of various shades, video camera. A group of Japanese tourists waving Japanese flags. Somebody with a Chilean flag. Drunken Australians singing Waltzing Matilda. The volunteers giving spare drinks bottles to children among the spectators.

It took an hour for the first exhausted-looking runners (and the ever-present helicopters) to arrive at that spot, and then about 20 minutes for all of them to come and go. More generous applause during all of this--not just for the competitors themselves, but it seemed a venting of pent-up emotion for the last Olympic event ever to be seen in these streets. By which time it was almost 6 p.m. The Closing Ceremony at 8.

The best things about the Closing Ceremony:
Juan Antonio Samaranch enunciating the "Aussie Aussie Aussie!" rallying cheer during his speech
Kylie Minogue singing Abba's Dancing Queen.
The Harbor Bridge part of the fireworks
Samaranch declaring to Sydney that " have presented to the world the best Olympic Games ever."

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