After a glorious but exhausting day spent in the recording studio yesterday, today was quite a contrast.

Melbourne's annual Fringe Festival started today in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, with a parade and countless stalls selling all sorts of cheap(ish) food, clothing, and bootleg Sanrio merchandise.

So I went along to see what I could see. Amidst the four or five ten-minute bursts of rain (and one of hail) and strong wind, bookended by sunshine, I managed to soak in the raver/hippy vibes without frothing at the mouth. I must have been in a good mood... Plus lots of good bands were playing, including my current favourite Melbourne band Registered Nurse, who were incredible despite their singer having been up since the previous morning and looking like he fell asleep in the sewer.

The only real bad points of the day was running into a girl I never called back, who was looking exceptionally attractive (dammit!), and having to grudgingly accept that the band of someone I dislike intensely was actually pretty good. Hand me the Angostura, I need to sweeten up.