Fun day today =)

Parents took me to medevil knights for my 18th birthday. We got there and they promptly had be knighted, which was moderatly embarassing, however, i did find out something! The person had me hold a sword. I joked with the guy about wanting to keep it, and he said i was going to be able too. Jackpot! So afterwords it turns out my parents got me a sword for my birthday, just like i wanted. We sit down for dinner, not much eventful. We have the loudest section, our knight dies first. Food is pretty good. It was funny watching my girlfriend have to eat it with her hands. Right as the grand finale is getting going, they came over to sing happy birthday to me, i'm moderatly annoyed. ``Happy birthday to stacy, happy birthday to you''. So i sit back down, and the girl shakes my hand, at which point i say, ``it's Kelly''. Now mind you she had on 5 layers of makeup, and it was dark, but she turned 20 shades of red.

She wouldn't go away.

i missed most of the grand finale because of her groveling.

Other than that it was an awsome and fun night. We went into the museum of torture afterwords, what twisted stuff! Me want!

We go and pickup my sword (it's in a box in the sword shop). I want to look at it before we left (they guy offered), and silly me is thinking ``wheres he got something to open that with? there doesn't appear to be anything at hand''. Until i realize he is standing infront of 5 of the coolest daggers i have seen, he picks one up and opens the box. Duh.

Fun night.