Today was the first time I woke up with my girlfriend in my arms (we haven't been going out for very long). We hadn't really slept much, so I was pretty tired all day. Because of this, I had to slow down a few times on my drive home since I wasn't paying attention to the road, so things were getting a bit dangerous. Maybe I should have drank that can of Jolt she gave me, to keep me more awake.
Got home, looked on IRC to see if she was there... and she was... away. Fortunately, she came back after a while so we chatted some more.
In the afternoon, I decided to go lay on my bed, listening to music, so I put on a Pink Floyd cd. After a while, I fell asleep. An hour later I woke up, finally feeling less tired (which is usually what sleeping does to you). After that I wasted some more time on IRC, read a few comics which I still hadn't read yet. I don't know why I bought some of them, since they weren't really fascinating. After that I wasted even more time on IRC, and checked E2 to write this, while listening to Iron Maiden's Brave New World.