Happy October, all. It's been a beautiful day, with a sunset of incredible pink and gold autumn clouds cascading down the sky, framed by the golden Japanese trees on either side of the path through our garden. The air has a sharp autumn tang, with a bite to it. And I've had a blissful, blissful weekend of no people and nothing to do.
The family went down to their seaside place to soak up the sun, and the general opinion was that I was nuts for wanting to spend the whole weekend at home, glued to a machine with the phones turned off. But the exhibition stuff is coming together, has a definite direction, and is looking good. The screenplay germs are now half of a script. Ideas have been catalogued and sorted and directories have been cleaned up. Meanwhile, I am beautifully clean and fragrant due to long, long baths. I am dressed in happy pink and white clothes, with smooth hair, and look all smiley and girly, as opposed to the weekday sexless, cross ruffled owl in ragbag look. I have slept and slept, and had passionate daydreams, and vivid happy dreams. I even managed a node: Jan Svankmajer. I feel all achieve-y and relaxed. Bloody marvellous.
Of course my father, on his return, shook his head, and said: "I don't know what you find to do all day on that thing. You'll go blind!" and stomped off muttering when I giggled at him. He's feeling neglected because he wanted me to go sailing with him.
There WILL be sailing. Soon. In about 8 weeks or so, if the sea hasn't frozen over by then. Roll on December.