I spent the weekend at some friends’ apartment. It was my first time driving all the way to Ann Arbor alone. I didn’t get lost, didn’t get killed, but I did get stuck in some disgusting traffic for three hours. It looked like a bridge was being built across 96 near Grand Rapids, which caused major backups, and then I ran into countless other construction projects right up until getting onto business 23. And then there was an accident of some sort, only the cars got towed away before I even got close enough to know what was going on. All that was left was a couple state cop cars with the sirens flashing. And then there was the U of M game, so driving through downtown AA was a war between stop lights, suicidal pedestrians, and people knocking on my window holding game tickets for sale. Dealing with all this while trying to get directions over a cellphone while trying to turn left onto Hill street was not very fun. At least I didn’t have to pay for parking.

This visit went much smoother than the last one. I actually enjoyed myself most of the time, and I was not left alone in an empty apartment for four hours without anything to do (see September 10, 2000). I arrived around 12:15pm or so on Saturday afternoon. Nick broke my ribs, Aaron made some orange juice for breakfast. Joey was marching at the game. Took a nap while listening to the crowd cheer on Dave Terrell.

Aaron had to go to band practice, so I did my homework again. Nick was supposed to go get some work done in the computer lab, but he stayed home and played Ultima instead. I was glad to have company. There’s nothing weirder than being left alone in a strange house. When Aaron got home, we all went to Subway for dinner. We met this guy who works there by himself usually, with only two other employees (both work eight hours a week, or less). He was sitting behind our table shooting sticky darts from a very realistic looking toy gun at the heavy glass lamps hanging from the ceiling. He seemed to be a nice guy, just a little bored.

The drive home was endless. I kept finding myself closing my eyes and not being able to open them again. Bad puntos. I stopped in Portage to get gas, and then managed to make it home before four. There was some bitch in a white convertible following me, but I managed to lose her with my mad driving skills. At least that little adventure kept me awake.

Now I am home, quite safe, and with plenty of time to finish my homework. Overall, a very successful weekend. Goodnight.