Australia's biggest musical export, Kylie Minogue has often been called the 'Princess of Pop'. Born on May 28th 1968, she grew up in Melbourne, Australia, along with sister Dannii Minogue and cameraman Brendan Minogue, she has been in the spotlight since she was eleven, when she starred in Australian drama series Skyways. She gained a role in The Sullivans when she attended one of her younger sister's auditions. After The Sullivans she continued to act on tv, appearing on The Zoo Family, Fame and Misfortune and the Henderson Kids.

Kylie quit school at age seventeen to pursue a fulltime acting career. It was on Neighbours where she is most remembered onscreen, playing 'Charlene Ramsay', one of the most beloved characters to appear on Australian tv. She left Neighbours in 1988, the peak of her popularity, to focus on singing. Her first ever single released, The Locomotion, became the biggest selling single in Australia during the eighties.

To date she has released many albums. They include:

As well as these albums, Kylie has released 40 hit singles. Her music has definitely evolved over time, from eighties pop, to indie pop and more recently her dance sound, Kylie just keeps getting better and better. An ex-girlfriend of Michael Hutchence, Kylie is currently (2002) dating James Goodman.

Her recent controversial video clips have indeed increased her sex appeal. Spinning Around gave us Kylie in little gold hotpants. Can't Get You Out of My Head saw some smooth moves in a very revealing dress. Her latest single, In Your Eyes, shows Kylie in yet another almost non-existant dress.

While singing is now her specialty, from time to time Miss Minogue still appears in movies. Some of her recent films include Cut and Sample People, as well as a cameo appearance in Moulin Rouge. Even though she began as an actor, many critics claim that she now lacks the acting talent she once had. This is fine by Kylie, afterall singing is more important to her.

To put it simply, Kylie is huge in Australia and the UK, where Can't Get You Out of My Head shot up to number one on the charts. She also went number one all over Europe with this track. Not quite as successful in the US however, where she is considered a gay icon without being gay herself.

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