Getting past the everyday bullshit that somehow tries to suck the life out of me through my dry eyeballs, I'm thinking about the amazing people I know, not in a "a friend of my sister's had lunch with Jet Li" rock star sort of way, but more of a "you lucky, lucky, lucky person you." way.
Angela and Chris wrote the most beautiful song ever, not that you'll hear it on your radio. It's called Immortal. Cheryl, who turned 40 this week, has such an amazing personality 20 year old beautiful boys hit on her. Patrick has done movie artwork. Jack is going to change the world and Brian is going to write about it. Jen is doing the voice of a lion on PBS. And Jay and Lena? Above and beyond the bullwhip incident and the Quest for the Empty Grail for which they will be forever revered, they love me, which is amazing in and of itself.
Real people with all the potential to take over the universe, if we could just get organized. Not that I care if we ever do. It's just cool that regardless of if I need to hotwire a car, find out how much cheese it would take to fill an elevator or simply discuss a new way to serve grapefruit I have someone I can call. And that's just the people I've already met.

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