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Had to go back to the hospital and have the wound dressings changed. Not only did it hurt, it also made me very worried about infections and fevers and suchlike.

I had a wonderful evening on the telephone. It was a shame that a) I was on painkillers and more than a little dopey and b) that I wasn't really there with her.

(evil voice) "Patience dizzy, it will all come together... soon... Excellent..."

I was invited around to my Mother's house for breakfast. This would have been OK if it weren't for:

  • Me being unable to eat due to nausea.
  • My Brother being depressed about university and taking it out on me.
  • My Mother not really being well enough to cook breakfast for me.
  • Me being worried about my leg...

Ah well. maybe more later peeps.

16:30 BST

Hah! On the suggestion of Noether and Hamster_Bong I have moved my PC to beside the sofa and can now surf with my leg elevated as my doctor ordered! Yay!

In other news, Katyana's monitor is broken. Which means that I cannot talk to her online. : ( Oh well I suppose this means I shall have to telephone her : )

She loves me. Eep!