There was some difficulty waking up this morning, good thing tomorrow is saturday...
Had math 192, chem 215, and my freshman writing seminar. Tonight there is a rush party at Alpha Chi Sigma that i guess i'm gonna go to. I talked to my friend Rahul during chem class. He was doing the hw that was due today during the class because he, a friend, and a visiting pre-frosh went to a frat party last night and got plastered.

I think i'll play some badminton before i go off to the frat party tonight, and i know i have to call my parents. Its been a while since i've talked to them and it would be a bad idea to call them after the party (both the time and my condition are factors in that).

Interesting things that have happened so far today:

-My roommate accidently set his alarm for 5 am... that was wonderful
- I saw a biker fall off his bike after swerving to avoid a stray cat.
- I had two reports of a TCP port probe on my network security program Black Ice. (yeah... thats pretty harmless)