Could not wake up today. Sat through a lot of traffic with poor adoxograph. I really feel bad for dragging her into it so much. McDonald's is becoming a somewhat regular breakfast, which I fear...

Well, today I gave up on that goddamn Javascript. I spent a good 5 or 6 hours at work trying every last thing I could think of to make it work. I think that I have almost scientifically proven that it can't be done by trying every possible thing.

So what do I do? I fix a little PHP for default settings on some pages, then I'm back to Javascript. It never ends. Now I'm making a monster regular expression that is so huge that we laugh when we remember it's sole purpose is to format a phone number correctly.

We ordered a pizza from this Barcello's Restaurant and Pizzeria place we always get pizzas from at work. It's good I guess, but too fucking greasy. They should call it greaszza or something. I was a tad sickish from it, but whatever. I'm always a tad sickish.

I noded I piss my memory away. today because it's true. I think the only reason I didn't forget to node it is the fact that I go to the bathroom so much. Anyways...

Yeah. It's 8:30p and I'm at work. It's ok; it's voluntary tonight. I have nothing to do at home really except clean (Sam's moving in tomorrow and his mom and dad will be at my house for a while) and do what I'm doing now. Besides, I haven't done any work for 4 hours anyway. I think I might attempt to clear some of the liquor that's left in the fridge from the party. I will play Killer Instinct. I haven't played it all week, and I think my new thumb callous is going away; I can't have my thumb callous leaving me.

I have completed 107 data units for my SETI@Home account as of right now. That makes my ranking like 289,000 or something. Bad ass. Today I listened to System of a Down, Metalheadz (Platinum Breakz), Dark Side of the Moon, Photek, and Speedy J. Also heard a bunch of Goldie and DJ Blake B shit online. I ordered Dieselboy's A Soldier's Story from, and almost got 97 Octane, but hesitated. Currently on the lookout for a place to get Technical Itch shit, and also Dillinja.

I am long-winded. That is my day. Good day.