Date of the Second Impact in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

On this date around the world thousands of Eva otaku will take up arms and destroy all non-believers. Or perhaps they will just party, get pissed and dream about Asuka's breasts. Who knows, the only thing that is certain is that it's a Wednesday and I'm going to have to take the day off Uni to celebrate Eva goodness.

I just realised that the Olympics start on September the 15th, so I'm pretty sure we have holidays. No need to take a day off Uni, after all...

Update: From a wizened Wigs more than a year on:

When I first wrote this I really was just noding the date, I didn't comprehend back then what daylogs were. I actually wish now that I hadn't created this writeup, because a 4 line, +27 rep w/u doesn't deserve to be among my "top" nodes. I leave it here though to act as it was originally intended. To inform people of what this date signifies.

High School. It's not such a bad thing. But when you have cramps, it can suck ass.

College French Class. Not so awful, usually. But it's a bitch when you have cramps.

Work. Definitly worse than school no matter how you're feeling. Boring. Painful. Cramps.

My day sucked. I'm thinking about making a doctor's appointment to see if I can start taking some sort of birth control to escape this constant cramp cycle that leaves me to be an invalid for days at a time. Being female can't get any worse.

Other than that, I suppose some good stuff happened today. In my A.P. Stats class, we were going over the standard normal distribution curve and the calculator functions used to find the Z value without all the busy work. Not particularly exciting. But then Matt, a usually hung over kid who sits in the back, jumped up and yelled "Shit! I got pen on my shirt!" This turned into a huge deal. The teacher told him to put hairspray on it, and so he had to find some. Thankfully one girl had a huge pink bottle of it in her bag. Matt stuck it in his back pocket and ran to the bathroom. He came back twenty minutes later saying his shirt was sticky. Well, you'd think it would be after putting hairspray on it, right? So he had to let everyone in the class touch his shirt and exclaim over the stickiness. Then he and the teacher had a conversation about "Zout," the best stain remover on the market. Better than doing math, I guess.

I only went to work for about two hours before the previously mentioned cramps drove me home to bed. But while I was at work, rearranging the Snowbabies display on a new shelf, I heard this little old woman talking to a pig wearing a dress. Well, a stuffed animal pig. But still. Who talks to stuffed animals in a store when anyone can hear you? Crazy.

I am in the process of reading Cyrano de Bergerac en Français. It's a tedious process. The original text translated into an english version isn't much better, so I'll do my best with the french one. Goodnight.

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9:27 CET

Just a quick note from Amsterdam city Centre. Yes, I know that it is sad to node whilst on holiday, but I just had to check in, and the easyeverything cafe was doing 3 hours for 2 guilders 50.

Holiday? but aren't I in amsterdam on business? Well yes, but I earnt some rest and relaxation by making the extra effort to finish packing things up last night. Now I can sit in peace and write some postcards, drink some coffee and get some souvenirs. I considered buying my brother some cannabis seeds, but then thought against it. (in the UK, it is legal to own seeds but illegal to germinate them!)

8:30 BST

I don't know, I leave the country for 9 days and the whole place goes mad!

Reading about the UK petrol crisis on the bbc news site ( is one thing, but seeing 2 mile queues for petrol? wow.

If I can be arsed and transfer my notes from the laptop to the PC, I shall node my travel log... Until then...

Good afternoon.


It wasn't nice to wake up and notice I had 1 XP. Well, thanks to the Swift and Just Actions by the Management, my XP came back. Cool. =)


OK, I did the Principles of Digital Media excercises. In the web, because the NT workstation refused to authenticate me.

The web learning environment is Telsi Pro, a rather neat web thing. The first excercise was fairly uninteresting... I just made a small web page with text, graphics and hyperlinks.

Good to see that the excercise requirements specifically said I need to make it HTML 4.0 validated... =)

Further proof that Linux Netscape 4.x sucks: In Java applet that handles the chat feature, the small font size doesn't have äöÄÖ, and when using the big font size, the window takes almost the whole screen. =(


Has anyone noticed that Netscape 4.x can be intimidated? Sometimes, Netscape just stalls while loading the page, but it gets to the work immediately when I move my mouse pointer over the "Stop" button. =)


I finally managed to pen down this relatively uninteresting guitar "arrangement" of the Ultima tune Stones... thanks to =)

      Am         Em       Am             Em
Long ago ran the sun on a folk who had a dream
      Am              Dm           Em    E/B
And the heart and the will and the power:
           Am                 Em             Am                 Em
They moved earth; they carved stone; moulded hill and channeled stream
        Am                 Em             Am
That we might stand on the wide plains of Wiltshire.

Same for 2nd and 4th stanza. Must do the same trick for the 3rd, too. (Lyrics © Origin System Inc.)

Please comment. I'm not a guitar guru, I'm a three chord wonder. =)

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: Telsi Pro stones Betrayal at Krondor

funny, just now i felt like dancing in the street. i'm in one of those moods again, where nothing makes sense and you can't really do anything about it, and you're not quite self destructive, but still feeling like nothing you could do would have repercussions worse than the consequences of what you've already set yourself up for. know what i mean?

i was coming home from coffee and just as i parked, little red corvette came on the radio. i like that song. i turned off the car and let it play while i finished my cigarette. and i was looking at the street, with no cars on it and no headlights anywhere and the full moon lighting up the sky in spite of the streetlights whose beams are aimed the wrong direction. i felt like maybe someone who is about to kill herself (i'm not saying i am, not in any respect, ever), relishing the calm before the storm, lusting after a last dance before a slow fall into eternity. eerie feeling. i shut off the car and came inside.

all i ever wanted was to be good at something. if i could have that, it wouldn't matter what else i was. just to be extraordinary in some sense. probably everyone wants that. but i'm not. at best, i'm mediocre at whatever i attempt, and it's painful, particularly now with graduation looming and me all unsure that it will lead to any sort of security. i always feel like maybe, if i had time to explore what i have in myself that i can use, if i didn't find so many little meaningless things to bog myself down in, i'd be more accomplished in some area. and i'm jealous of trust fund babies who run off to europe and make art for a year, who get to do the starving artist boheme thing without ever actually facing the prospect of starvation. but that's a cop out. i could have gone to art school. instead i chose a field i thought i could manage just because i understand how to load drivers in windows. stupid.

i just want one thing i can do, one area where no one looks down on me or sees me as lacking competence. i doubt i'll ever discover it. at some point, i have to come to terms with the fact that i am essentially mundane. that i will never be a legend on anyone's lips.

i don't know what that has to do with prince.

I hate work.

I took yesterday off, both to wait for British Telecom to downgrade my line from ISDN to analogue, so my ADSL upgrade can be processed, and to finally catch up on some technical reading as I've had no time recently at work]. Now I know my job title says Technical R&D, however the emails I got yesterday I came in to answer today. They consisted of information anyone with half a brain could have found the answer to, including a question which boiled down to "Where do I find the answer to this in the manual?". And some of my answers are being used in political infighting for control of a project. This was not a good morning

I hate British Telecom.

My analogue line was dead this morning. They are not sending engineers out because of the fuel crisis.

However my nerf guns finally arrived. I'm too depressed to shoot anyone with them though.

I just came back from a two and a half week trip to the dolomites, and this is my first node in all that time. I've written a trip log and I'll be putting it on E2 soon, in the daylogs, which means I'll have tons and tons of unread daylogs, which is a pity, but then again it's the memories that count.

The trip was amazing, and we (my girlfriend and me) saw an incredible diversity of stuff (breathtaking views, churches, little rural towns, big rural towns, animals, people, earth pyramids...) We also had several small adventures, as is suitable for such a trip.

It's strange to be back in Israel. The trip was a perfect length, and it's nice to be back. I like my friends, and I noticed it again when I came back and wanted to share my experiences with them.

My girlfriend's mother came to pick us up at the airport. That was all nice and well, but as we were leaving, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and my father was there. I was thrilled to see him. It surprised even me. I hugged him about 10 times, which I guess is silly, but I always get emotional about how much he cares about me.

And my ex-girlfriend left me a message about what a dick I am for going abroad without telling her. She just left for New Zealand, and called to tell me, but I was away. We'd been on a sort of 'friendship' relationship for a year or so. But that really pissed me off. Why the hell should I tell her? And may I just mention that I bought her quite a nice present for her birthday in March, but got nothing in return in June. I don't see why I should call her to tell her I'm leaving. We speak on the phone about once a month - that's all our relationship has been for the past year.
She started calling more since she has a new boyfriend. Maybe she's still hurt from our break up and wants to flaunt him? Who cares?

I just got back and already I have 3 job offers. I got them all in the space of one hour yesterday:

  1. I have a jazz gig on Staurday
  2. A guitarist friend of mine called to ask me to play in a band which performs at weddings etc. This is a bit like prostitution for musicians, but it pays well.
  3. A rock/jazz/blues band needs me. The say they have shows lined up. I hope they do. I'm through with spending money on bands and not getting any in return.

Jimmy let me borrow his jeep yesterday, and I had no longer had it 30 minutes, before I had it wrapped around a pole.
Ok, well it wasn't that bad, in fact you can hardly even tell that anything happened, the fact is, he's letting me use his jeep, and now I owe him a new rear tubular bumper.

On a more pathetic note, Stephanie called yesterday, wanting me to fix her computer for her. YEAH RIGHT!, I have too many other unimportant things to do, than do tech support for someone, who will from now on only call me when she wants something.
I don't mean to sound bitter, but I am.

I did manage to get my truck towed to the Toyota place, I can only pray that it doesn't cost more than buying a new vehicle to get it fixed. I just want a new truck, that's all.

after reading prole's day log...

i'm sitting here in my cubicle coding and wondering.
it's not have to be me doing this here right now.
i stepped into this field 'cause i thought i can create something nobody ever did and never will.
believed in my skill, talent, or my fingers.
as my finger prints got thinner, i started to wonder.
don't give me wrong. i love this activity, coding.
every time i complete some chunk, i know i gain something i didn't have.
hete to admit though, i know i'm not doing this for my ambition. instead, i'm doing this to gain my bread.
fromer writer wanna-be. broken dream. "software engineer". it is me.
donno where i am going. but the fact i do know at this moment is that i am mundane.
It's a Wednesday and the day sucks already. First and most important, I had planned nifty things for my boyfriend's birthday, esp. to make up for the last few years of lousy birthdays he's apparently had. Today I wake up with congestion, a sore throat, and extremely tired. ACK! What do I do now?! I'm so upset. Secondly, I was just chewed out in extremely insultive terms by a client-travel agent. The problem is not on our end, the idiots at Thomas Cook in Hong Kong aren't coming through! And since I'm sick I'm brittle enough that I broke down in tears on the phone. I hope I hung up before she noticed. I wouldn't give her the satisfaction! LAST, people are downvoting my entry on Why I will not choose my children's religion. I re-wrote it a little bit, but mostly just to clarify my thoughts. Good grief, people.

So I guess tonight's celebration will be quiet. We may watch Whispers of the Heart. I had thought about buying banana split supplies and suprising him and his roommate with that. Guess I will. We'll need something to take our minds off all the OTHER things we could be doing. :p I bought Dove chocolate hot fudge sauce. I hope it's as good as Dove bars are. ... Shoot. Is he going to be really disappointed?
well I've been here just a little over 24 hours and already the routine is entrenched.

Wake up feeling ordinary from last night. Haul myself to class. Spend the entire day being slightly amused and extremely frustrated with this firms dogmatic belief in goal based learning despite the fact that the students spend the entire time stressed, following instructions blindly with no idea what they are actually doing, and don't learn a thing. Force down a thoroughly unnappetising dinner. Kill an hour or two at the gym or something, then go over to the social centre and spend the hours until 12:30 drinking bad american beer and engaging in frenetic socialising and shallow conversation. Stumble back to my room. do it all again

what am I doing here again?

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FURTHER POSTALITIES. The package mentioned earlier shows up at the post office. It is not sealed. It is not as heavy as it should be. I tell the clerk to hold on and open it. Cellphone nicked. Curses! So I fill out a form and call the people I ordered the damn thing from. They'll send another one when things are sorted out. Gimme the damn thing now! Me wants to speak phoone! Fury!

OUR HOUSE. Made the initial payment on the apartment. Liquified a hefty bunch of stock and wound up with almost twice the needed amount. Reinvested in more interesting stuff.

UPDATE 2100: OK, I've recieved the same piece of semi-spam five times now! Enough! I'm going home!

UPDATE 2300: Wouldn't it be nice if someone made a movie based on Much Ado About Nothing set in a library? I spent the subway ride home pondering this. Ideas on casting, anyone?

SOUNDTRACK OF THE DAY: No music today. *sniffle*

Today I went to the Opening Ceremony Rehersal of the Sydney Olympic Games. My complete report is here, so please don't vote this one down. I spent all my energy doing the report, and I didn't do anything else.

after taking my "semester off" two years ago i had my first class back in college monday. i don't even really know why i'm going back, do i not already have a decent job i'm happy with? never hurts to know more stuff and it gets the parents off my back i guess.

unfortunately they offer crap for compsci classes at night, all the core classes i hadn't already taken were full, so i got to fulfill a core elective. world culture through film, not that i won't enjoy the class, but it's not exactly esential to my survival or employment. this knowledge will not save my life. so, two years later. the faces are different but still all look the same. nothing has changed really, except me. i look around, i'm only 22 and yet i feel so old, everyone else just looks so young. so bright eyed, full of ambition, hope. i can see in them the belief that higher education will gaurantee for them a successful future and happy life. they'll learn soon enough

Wow. Eventful day. I woke up feeling ok. Came to work about 9:20. I'm currently working on a web-based child abuse records system, and we are in the debugging stage of the site pretty much, fixing and moving and deleting things as per orders of the clients. I can only do so much with my limited knowledge of PHP and MySql, so I'm pretty much helpless if I get stuck and my partner Jon (who knows his shit and is just cool anyway) isn't around.

So Jon was at a meeting today with the clients. I had nothing to really do before the meeting or during, but I had to leave early anyway to go to school to finish up my registration for the fall semester. So I'm pretty useless.

So I get to 2:00p when I need to leave (appointment for 3:00p), and I go to tell bossguy (not presidentguy; I know, confusing) I'm going and that I'll see him tomorrow. He acts surprised and like asks me why I'm not coming in after the school thing. I tell him because it'll take a while and I have to do a bunch of shit at school and I need to eat sometime in there too. Something totally unexpected comes next; he's like "you come up with a lot of excuses." I'm like shocked into not knowing what to say. bossguy is acting like I'm trying to skip work or something, and it's not like I don't like it here; I work until 6 or 7 every day. So I left depressed and feeling worthless and sad about my low-ass salary.

Had my appointment (a new excuse I could've gave bossguy was that the person I had the appointment showed up really really late) and the person I had it with (she's a good faculty friend of mine; just graduated herself with a focus on 3D sculpture; her shit is awesome) kinda went off on me when I was asking who taught a class (she's the only person in the department that would know). So I guess everybody's after Sarcasmo today.

I went to Usagi's house after that and had a gyro from Chicago Carry Out for the first time in like two months (I moved, they closed for vacation...) and it ruled. Usagi talked to me about things until I puked his words and we looked at the very very beginnings of junktext and we discussed his roommates and web design and Akira Kurosawa. Usual shit. Made me feel much much better.

After that I came back to work. argh. bossguy giving me shit for leaving is gone.


Now I go home. Me and adoxograph are going to play Magic and I think maybe eat Domino's.

All day people have been saying hi to me on the streets. It's been freaking me out a little. I mean, I miss the olden days, but it's kinda weird too. I say hi back because I do that, and walk on. Just an observation. Also, I noticed that my bank account is shrinking and that numbers mean nothing. Good day (I mean that as a note of farewell)...

College life is fun, especially when it involves avoiding Meijer.

Unfortunately, it usually takes me a week or two to get into the swing of college after a few months of vacation. During this time, assignments and information comes FLYING, nay, BARRELING at me at an uncontrollable rate. My only hope is to thwack my brain into proper working order and catch up before I get too far behind.

To do this, I discovered a completely new (to me) area of Oakland University: the haywire Language Labs, where audio tapes come FLYING, nay, BARRELING at you from all directions (Well, okay, just the window). I need a set of headphones like those.

The Pac-Man tourney in the OU arcade is still going on, I guess, with the highest score of ~42,000 still out of my reach (My best is sadly only ~32,000). I've gotta hone my old-school gaming skills by Friday (Registering for the tournament also helps, I guess)... not to mention keeping my ghost-dodging cool while numerous rabid, foaming Soul Caliber fans come FLYING, nay, BARRELING by me in an attempt to get to their precious new-fangled fighting game box. Come get some, Pinky... yeah, you know you want some of this power pellet action... bastard.

I came home today with one specific MP3 download in mind... despite the fact I haven't heard this song in YEARS. Past that, I did the odd experiment with installing Descent 3 on the new computer. The new computer, mind, has nearly NO video accelleration. This, of course, makes it a really bad 650MHz box for UT. My 400MHz box (With a TNT2 AND an old Voodoo2 accellerator) runs it buttery smooth. I expected the worst with Descent 3, since it can get REALLY sluggish on my box (Though it usually maintains a good framerate). Lo and behold, it kicks frames almost as good as my box can. I was halfway expecting my bro to join me as missiles come FLYING, nay, BARRELING at me in the mines, but he declined. He wanted to play some Dune 2000. Hrm.

As I write this, I realize that the most recent noding spree I went on was the Various Meijer Terms meta-node... I need another subject to have nodes come FLYING, nay, BARRELING out of my fingers...

NEW WRITEUPS TODAY: Shut down Napster, not Metallica

ADDED TO THE MP3 PLAYLIST TODAY: Mexican Radio, Wall of Voodoo

Interesting looming clouds, dark sky.. slight streaks of violent strange blue seeping through, promising something more.. then soon delivering rain for me to walk home in slowly. The cold doesn't matter. It brings me back. Like walking outside without shoes in 10 degree weather, except a lot less self destructive.

I'm trying to be nice to myself so I can learn to be nicer to others. Trying to be more aware of what I'm doing to myself, so i know how to take care of others better. If that makes sense.

strange woman with eyes like mine.. piercing.. something behind them. i noticed her today again. staring. i wonder what her secrets are. Maybe she has rocks in her sink too.

i feel fat.

i start yoga tomorrow. trying to get back into my body. so as not to go the other direction. and revert to old crutches and such.

Everything will be ok
everything will be ok
everything will be ok

gotta tell yourself that sometimes

My friend Emily exploded in anger when she found out that her friend Justin dumped her. Me and some of her friends, fellow gazebo dwellers, tried to comfort her. She boarded the bus still pretty pissed.

I feel a little guilty. I now have the chance to date her, but WHY did it have to come about this way??? Damn you Fate! Why did you have to hurt my friend? I somehow feel that the note I showed her that I wrote on E2 made matters worse a few days ago.

I honestly hope that she's ok. I'm afraid, and not sure how she will feel tomorrow morning.

Emily if you are, by any chance, reading this, I want to reassure you: Not every guy is a jerk! I care about you! Alot of your friends here at Riverdale care about you!

I love her too much to let her feel this way.


Decided to start daylogging again. I thought the situation would change as I returned to school, but it hasn't, and one day fades into another and another, and only my preferred medium of thought, text, will seperate them apart. The alarm clock actually went off today for once, but it still didn't get me up until 9:15 or so. I guess I'm just glad I stopped waking up before the damn thing. I could pick two of:

and my traitor stomach and sweat glands won out over the itchy and scratchy hair of two days growth. It seems I've joined the "Shave Each Day" club. Yay. I made it to Econ on time and I still sat on the side - they must line up outside like Star Wars freaks or something. Chem class was three minutes of sleep, two minutes of frantically scribbling what had been written, and a return to sleep. I am not learning anything so far in lecture. Chinese held the pleasant surprise of a near-perfect dictation (although I'll admit the advantage) and the revelation of Amanda's candy kid status. Perhaps we'll go out for a night of music and moving sometime.

Ate lunch with Steven and was introduced to various freshmen through his mighty gravitational force. Merissa was cute if tiny, Lindsey is nice if taken, and the names of the other two fled my head. We went back to his room for music and conversation, and Amber dropped in later. I saw The Perfect Drug video for the first time - eerie, and Trent Reznor downs a cup of absinthe, or the Little Green Fairy. Hmm - perhaps we'd call it the Little Green Man nowadays. I had to run for chem lab, though showing up late wouldn't have been a problem. It was a simple exploration into the properties of color. My partner was more interesting - a senior who had spent ten years or so away and was finally returning for his thesis. Spooky. After we cleaned up and copied the relevant papers, I went for a bite and had some girl ask for a light. Didn't happen to have one, so she felt a need to justify it by saying "Well, you look like a smoker." Guess I kinda took offense and made some poorly chosen jokes ("Let me open my wrists right now!"), but I just find it hard to imagine me looking like a smoker to anyone. I need to not take people at face value sometimes. I shall be doing my laundry tomorrow morning, as I'm too tired to drag it around tonight. Yeah, sure you will... Going to give Abby an email telling her to come on down - that's going to be interesting.

end of day

Meet a friend on serious amounts of narcotics and guess it from thirty feet away.
Hear someone complain about the overly large nature of their signifcant other's genitalia.
Run into an ex-girlfriend.
Come really damn close to faceplanting over the handles of the crappy communal bike you're riding in the parking lot at midnight, twice.
Finally crash the damn thing on the lawn and sit back, looking at the stars, laughing at first and then just enjoying the view...

What a nice end to a night.

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