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9:27 CET

Just a quick note from Amsterdam city Centre. Yes, I know that it is sad to node whilst on holiday, but I just had to check in, and the easyeverything cafe was doing 3 hours for 2 guilders 50.

Holiday? but aren't I in amsterdam on business? Well yes, but I earnt some rest and relaxation by making the extra effort to finish packing things up last night. Now I can sit in peace and write some postcards, drink some coffee and get some souvenirs. I considered buying my brother some cannabis seeds, but then thought against it. (in the UK, it is legal to own seeds but illegal to germinate them!)

8:30 BST

I don't know, I leave the country for 9 days and the whole place goes mad!

Reading about the UK petrol crisis on the bbc news site ( is one thing, but seeing 2 mile queues for petrol? wow.

If I can be arsed and transfer my notes from the laptop to the PC, I shall node my travel log... Until then...