Interesting looming clouds, dark sky.. slight streaks of violent strange blue seeping through, promising something more.. then soon delivering rain for me to walk home in slowly. The cold doesn't matter. It brings me back. Like walking outside without shoes in 10 degree weather, except a lot less self destructive.

I'm trying to be nice to myself so I can learn to be nicer to others. Trying to be more aware of what I'm doing to myself, so i know how to take care of others better. If that makes sense.

strange woman with eyes like mine.. piercing.. something behind them. i noticed her today again. staring. i wonder what her secrets are. Maybe she has rocks in her sink too.

i feel fat.

i start yoga tomorrow. trying to get back into my body. so as not to go the other direction. and revert to old crutches and such.

Everything will be ok
everything will be ok
everything will be ok

gotta tell yourself that sometimes