after taking my "semester off" two years ago i had my first class back in college monday. i don't even really know why i'm going back, do i not already have a decent job i'm happy with? never hurts to know more stuff and it gets the parents off my back i guess.

unfortunately they offer crap for compsci classes at night, all the core classes i hadn't already taken were full, so i got to fulfill a core elective. world culture through film, not that i won't enjoy the class, but it's not exactly esential to my survival or employment. this knowledge will not save my life. so, two years later. the faces are different but still all look the same. nothing has changed really, except me. i look around, i'm only 22 and yet i feel so old, everyone else just looks so young. so bright eyed, full of ambition, hope. i can see in them the belief that higher education will gaurantee for them a successful future and happy life. they'll learn soon enough