A delicious ice cream dessert. To make one, slice a banana lengthwise (peel it first, dummy) and put the two halves into a long ice cream sundae dish. Then put several scoops of ice cream on top of the banana, and pour on some ice cream sauce, whipped cream, a few walnuts, and a cherry. Dig in.

Banana Split

Equal parts of; Creme de Banana, Creme de Almond, & Kahlua

Layer in exact order into a Shot or Pony glass, Top with Whipped Cream & a Cherry

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LSD and 2CB. there is definite synergy between the two drugs.

Why a banana split?
All those A's and N's and then the world cracks in two and falls down. Benign chaos reigns. All the colours. All of them. They're all good.

The acid becomes less of a mind-trip and drifts down to the visual mode, where it combines to produce intense visuals with a reasonably coherent mind.

If the acid is strong, take a half cap, otherwise a a full cap. Wait. 40 to 50 minutes later the acid will begin the fist weak flutters of its slow, irresistible surge. When you feel this, swallow the nexus. 10mg for a light one, 20mg to crack your head open. The nexus comes on faster, and the two waves will crest at the same time.

In large doses, it can be quite overwhelming. If it's gets too much, just hang on a bit - fortunately it is fairly short-lived. No matter how wild it gets, you're no more than a couple of hours from home. Comedown can be rapid - more than once people have suddenly realised that they were down and longer hallucinating.

Tell me a story
I was walking back to the tent, holding a flourescent torch overhead. The white light sparkled and frosted.

To pass the time, I waved the torch back and forth in time with the music behind us. I did loops and spirals and figures of eight. Pastel celtic knots. A strange attractor in all the subtle hues of the rainbow, a bifrosty bridge in a mobieus loop.

Oh. I'm not walking any more, I'm standing still waving a torch around. Ok, get a grip, hold the torch up and walk. I walked. To pass the time, I began to wave the torch back and forth...

This happened several times before I found the tent.

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