You can order a Vermonster at Ben and Jerry's. It's a bucket filled with something like 30 scoops of ice cream, 5 bananas, a number of toppings, hot fudge and maybe some other stuff that I'm forgetting. I remember it being like a banana split, except huge. Anyhow, it's a great thing to order at Ben and Jerry's because you are guaranteed a shocked reaction when you order it. It is ordered so infrequently apparently that the employees never know what it is and don't know how to make it. It will almost certainly take more than one server to make it. It can be fairly amusing watching the server squirm while he decides what to do about this order. And the best part is that you now have a huge bucket of ice cream, and it's wickedly awesome ice cream too, the best ice cream there is IMNSHO. It's every little kid's dream - a massive ice cream sundae. It will take at least 5 people to finish in my experience, and those 5 better be hungry. Vermonsters are great, especially if it's a hot, lazy afternoon and you have a bunch of hungry friends, or you're having a party or something.

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