A KandE-Kid is someone who usually enjoys taking MDMA also known as ecstasy in combination with lower doses of LSD. This practice is known as candyflipping These people are usually ravers of some degree or another. Some are more responsible than others. With anything that affects the mind and body, moderation is wise.

The term that refers to young people clad in bright, extravagant clothing who enjoy electronic dance music and designer drugs. Here is a list of popular dress items and accessories common to this group:

Well, what you're probably asking now is where do these crazy kiddies go once they're all dressed up? Why, to raves of course. If you're not familiar with these type of things, they consist of parties where a pleasant, blissfully drugged atmosphere is encouraged, and upbeat dance music is supplied by DJs. There are many sub-categories of this type of electronic music, including breakbeat, ambient, hardcore (hehe, "hardcore techno"), and others.

Now, it's important to note that there is a big difference between fans of this type of music and candy kids. The purists will tell you that candy kids are what have ruined this scene. Their complaints have a lot of merit: the most important things about candy kids is the word candy, which refers to drugs. Apparently, it is impossible to enjoy the music, dancing, and friendly atmosphere of a rave unless you are high off your ass on any number of illegal substances. There are several that are common; perennial favorites are ecstasy (also known by many other aliases such as X, E, XTC, etc.) and K, which is a form of animal tranquilizer. These drugs can and will be found at any rave - they are to raves what pot is to a Phish concert, guys with mohawks are to a punk show, or shirtless violence and misogyny were to Woodstock 99.

Now, on a personal note: I hardbor an intense dislike for this whole "scene." I've tried to provide an informative, somewhat humorous writeup without too much bias, but allow me to say that, (a) I can't stand techno music, and (b), the idea that you need to be on drugs to enjoy music makes me want to vomit. Music can be a drug itself, a sort of opiate for the soul. You shouldn't have to alter your frame of mind to be able to have fun or enjoy listening to it, or dancing to it, or whatever. On a side note, maybe the reason I don't like techno is because it's too cold and emotionless, at least from my perspective. I know that acolytes of the genre could argue for years about this with me - that's cool. I can respect their opinion. But it seems to me that all that matters is that you can dance to it. Music that makes you wanna move is great - but that shouldn't be all there is to it. This might also be why I find emo ridiculous - it's the opposite end of the spectrum. But that's a subject for another node.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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