A real-time strategy game made by Westwood Studios. It takes place at the same time and place as the Dune novels and movie do. It has the option to play as either of the three houses, Ordos, Harkonen, or Atreties, each of which have 3 special troops and/or vehicles. (Harkonen has a Death Hand Missle (MIRV Nuke), Atreties has a Ornithopter, and Ordos get's gipped with the Deviator, but has a the fastest vehicle in the game.) Just for fun Westwood Studios threw in sandworms and the rule that you can only build on the rock formations with concrete (If there is no concrete the buildings suffer continous damage). The main source of "money" in the game is "The Spice Melange" of which the base con only hold a certian amount unless silos are built. Two major dangers other then enemies exist;

Fremen - Dune's native who are hostile to all.

Sandworms - Giant worms that tunnel through the ground and eat any troop it senses (major danger to harvestors that get the spice.)

Through out the single-player game cutscene movies will appear with some famous people appearing in them. Like most Westwood games (*coughCommand&Conquercough*).

Multiplayer mode is actually pretty good because the host can actually take away the sandworms, set-up power up crates and set the tech level. Up to 6 players can play at one time

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