The process of taking small, atomic objects, usually made of glass, with holes in them and creating something where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Beading is the practice of implanting small beads under the skin for aesthetic or sexual reasons. It is also referred to as pearling sometimes. It is a form of body modification.

Beading can be done in most parts of the body. Steve Haworth, for example, has created lines of beads on forearms that give the viewer the impression of bone spurs. However, a majority of beadings are in the penis along the shaft, as the added sensation from the beads are pleasurable to both partners durings sex. Historically, some Yakuza implanted pearls into their genitals for this purpose.

The implants are typically made of titanium, teflon or some other implant grade material - normal body jewelry is not appropriate. Beads average around 1/4" in size. The bead is typically implanted by using a clamp to raise the skin and then using a needle or scalpel to create a channel. A larger taper is then used to widen the hole for the bead, which is pushed into place by a second taper. Suture tape then closes both wounds and the implant is left to heal. No special aftercare requirements are necessary. Any skilled piercer should be able to do this. Also, do it yourself kits are now available at BME, and it's very possible as a home procedure.

Bead"ing, n.

1. Arch.

Molding in imitation of beads.


The beads or bead-forming quality of certain liquors; as, the beading of a brand of whisky.


© Webster 1913.

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